Our Shared Experience Through Photographs |World Photography Day

I’m used to staying back and running things behind the scene but when I was asked to become the Team Leader for my online photography class on our presentation for World Photography Day, I’m glad to say that my team did a great job.

I learnt a lot from this experience and realized that I am capable of doing more than I can even imagine. This is a moment I’ll look back on and be inspired by how intentional I was about achieving success and how this was possible with the help of amazing people. I’m sharing what we did because I’m very intentional about celebrating small wins and they set the path towards achieving bigger goals.

Topic: Our Shared Experience Through Photographs

Title slide for our shared experience through photographs

From the world’s earliest captured photograph to posting pictures of selfies, pets and food, photography has come a long way and has become a very important part of our lives.

Around the world in 60seconds

VO: Why do I say this? Because when it comes to photographs, anything is possible.
For instance, are you aware that from where you’re seated you could travel around the world in 60 seconds? Get ready!

As you can see, through photographs we are able to experience life outside of our society and engage with diverse communities all around the world. This is why we celebrate world photography day, to make this shared experience possible by transcending time and space, culture and traditions, to unite the world through photographs.

History Is Made Through Photographs – Photographers as Revolutionaries

History is made through photographs

“Photographers are one of those who can turn a single moment into an unbreakable memory” – Vatsal Nathwani

It simply means that Photographs can never go out of style. The history of photography is such that we have had revolutionary photographers that set the stage for photography as we know it all over the world and even in Nigeria. The historical style and works of these photographers inspire us even in this present day, and informs the art, craft, and science of photography.

Jonathan Adagogo Green was Nigeria’s first Indigenous Professional photographer and a pioneer of photography in Nigeria. He’s known for his documentation of the colonial power and culture.

Solomon Osagie Alonge was a self-taught photographer and pioneer of Nigerian Photography.
He was the first official photographer of the royal court of Benin City, Nigeria. Solomon also had the ability to tell the story of his people from a personal and detailed perspective.

Works of Regina Relang and Solomon Osagie Alonge
Revolutionary pictures

Regina Relang was a German Fashion photographer and Photojournalist during the 50s and 60s. She began working for Vogue in 1938 and she photographed fashion shoots at haute couture presentations, as well as models in glamorous locations. Not only did Regina document the changing fashions but her photographs also presented a more modern portrayal of women.

John Szarkowski was an American Photographer, curator, historian and critic. He was the director of Photography at New York’s Museum of Modern Art from 1962-1991. He went against all odds and elevated Street Photography to an original state in the world.

Dorothea Lange was an American Documentary Photographer and Photojournalist. Her photographs clearly documented the NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF THE DEPRESSION on the rural poor and migrant farmworkers. These photographs also served as a political tool for they helped the nation to see the negative effect of depression on an individual level also.

The works of Dorothy Lange, John Szarkowski and Yousuf Karsh
Timeless photographs

Yousuf Karsh was an Armenian Canadian Photographer known for his portraits of important and famous men and women of politics. He was notorious for using carefully arranged lighting to model his subject’s faces, thereby obtaining a monumental and idealized presentation that helped promote their public image.

Every photographer today is a shutter away from making history and shaping the the minds of future generations to come. People will always enjoy the pleasure of creating and documenting memories because photographs are stories at a glance.

Inspiring Hope: Surviving a Pandemic

Tragedy struck and the world was devastated by the effects of the coronavirus, again photographs helped people around the world to have shared experience. When the lockdown isolated us, photographs helped us stay connected. People shared pictures with their loved ones, friends and colleagues on social media, and it was a way to keep informed of events unfolding worldwide.
The theme for World Photography Day 2020 was “Pandemic Through The Lens.” This was a thoughtful way to help people express their feelings and it passed a powerful message of hope that we were all together fighting for our survival.

Coronavirus isolate the world

Photographs shape the world as we know it and serves as a tool for social change both nationally and globally. As the ideals of the world changes and people become empowered to pursue development both as individuals and as members of the society, photographs have become symbolic to inspire people to take charge of securing a better future for them.

End Sars Protests to stop police brutality in Nigeria


Burk Uzzle said, “Photography is a love affair with life.”

If photographs lets us experience exotic places in the comfort of our homes, start revolutions and make history, and allows us to connect with our loved ones whether it’s during the holidays or when facing a pandemic, will you now be able to imagine living in a world where photography does not exist?

That’s the gist🥰. If you’d like to watch the presentation click on the video below👇🏽 or you can check it out on Instagram

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