Thursday Talk Series| Why I Love The Things I Do By Muyiwa


Yesterday I met two old friends and I really can’t describe the feeling. The first person I met gave me the feel warm like I get when I’m wearing my favorite hoody. The second person felt a lot like coming home after a very long trip. I rushed down the road for a hug and almost knocked down both of us in my excitement. I can truly say with my full chest that yesterday was a lovely day. They both made me realize that I’ve not just been existing. Over the years I’ve lived my life experiencing a myriad of wonderful and amazing people. Quite a number of them were featured on Thursday Talk Series, and it has been a pleasure. Even when the world presents itself as a terrible place, and the struggle is unending, just having good people in your life can make the difference between living and existing.

Glad to have Muyiwa here today🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 and I need to let y’all know that he’s got the personality to make you want to never part with him. You’ll probably be daunted by his 6ft + height when you first meet (I’m 5.9 but I feel like a troll beside him) but he’s the proper gentleman and soon he’ll have you putty in his palms. Plus he gives the best hugs (like a human-size teddy bear). And his mind is a beautiful place, with a unique style of storytelling. What’s striking about Muyi is that he doesn’t put up appearances, and he takes you as you come and impresses on you that you are more than enough. He’s eager to learn as well as teach, talk and listen, laugh and cry, whatever it takes to make you feel appreciated – Mr Nice Guy has nothing on him.

Q. Can you introduce yourself and what you do?

A. My name is Are Victor Olumuyiwa, a perfect description of Christ’s love to man (I didn’t even have to cook this up sef) but that’s it sha. I’m a Nigerian, lol😄 I feel like I should stress that I’m proudly Nigerian. I love my country although her matter dey tire me sometimes, but I really love her. What do I do? I serve God for a living! Like that’s the most important thing that I do, and I get paid for it (you want to know how? You’re welcome to find out, it’s not that deep but it is😁). I’m also a freelance content writer, give me any topic Nwanne’m and I will serve you hot-hot. I’m also just starting to build a life from photography, so yeah I think we’re fine here.

Are Muyiwa wearing Traditional attire
Are Victor Olumuyiwa

Q. Why do you do your job? And would you rather do something else?

A. Mehn, I’ve tried a lot of stuff, I’ve done things but I’ve not felt this measure of peace, joy, and fulfillment that comes from these (the things I do). The fact that it has an impact on men is humbling and a joy to behold( KJV things). I’ve had people read my stuff and just love me, pure love please 😊 it’s beautiful. Would I rather do something else? I don’t know, something like what abeg?

Q. What is the best thing about what you do?

A. Its influence on people, a writer’s pen is such a powerful tool..look at famous writers from Chimamanda Adichie to John Grisham, Francine Rivers to Peter Abrahams, Myles Munroe to Brian Tracy.

Are Victor Olumuyiwa

Q. What do you feel you take for granted and how does it affect you?

A. In the past it used to be good health. I almost lost my life in 2019, and that experience shaped a lot of things for me. If you have noticed with men, na when you escape death once, you go just wise anyhow😄. You start to see things differently. Now it has to be rest. I think a lot of people take this for granted. When I don’t have enough rest, some part of my face starts to twitch, like my eyes, nose, and lips start to move involuntarily. It’s important to rest when you need to, if you don’t have enough rest when you should, one day you’ll be lying down on a hospital bed.

Q. Can you describe the person that knows you best?

A. I know myself best abeg😄😄. My family (it’s a large family), I think everyone is pretty much on the same level.

Are Victor Olumuyiwa

Q. What two things do you think of the most each day and why?

A. Easy something 😋 Number 1 (in Ghanian English), God’s love for me. I really like to dwell there for many reasons, one of which is that it fills me with so much love and grace to extend to the next person. Number two is God’s word. I love to meditate on the scriptures a lot. They get me excited, they have me saying ‘Glory to God’ one minute and ‘Woosh, praise God’ the next minute. They keep my mind sane, healthy, and with the right vibes. I’m very loud about my faith (with my full chest), as I am not a secret service agent for Christ.

Q. What do you appreciate about yourself and what would you like to change?

A. Well…I appreciate that there’s no end to what I’m capable of, lol. It’s hard to see me finish, laye. You think this is it, something new pops up. What would I like to change? My shoe size😭😍😭😭. I have a pair of black shoes, size 50. I’ve started wearing 49/48 though, but I get to pull it off sometimes so that blood can flow through the veins in my leg or else I’d have to go to the toilet to stretch my legs (no jokes) People with big legs don’t usually have fine shoes😓. Please join me in prayers – size 45 is the prayer request.

Are Victor Olumuyiwa

Q. Do you consider that people are basically bad or basically good?

A. I came into a world filled with complexes. I’d have loved to have the world in a monochrome filter though, because it’s peaceful, and life would have been easier to live I think. You are either white or black.

Q. Would you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert and why?

A. I’m a mix of both really, but more introverted. Okay, let’s just pick one. I love my space, and I enjoy it. I love my room a lot! And my room loves me too. I know how to have fun alone. Bored? How? But if the occasion demands that I be an extrovert, why not? I will play the role well. My brothers; Chyke and Sojay have done an exceptional job in getting that part of me out.

Mehn, I’ve tried alot of stuff, I’ve done things but I’ve not felt this measure of peace, joy and fulfillment that come from these (the things I do). The fact that it has impact on men is humbling and a joy to behold (KJV things). I’ve had people read my stuff and just love me, pure love please 😊 it’s beautiful.

Are Victor Olumuyiwa on Thursday Talk Series

Q. What would top your list as the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of love?

A. Mehn..craziest…hmm (thinking). Well, would you call writing an original poem – never before seen, not on the internet – every Saturday of the year, and 30 extra poems (originals too) on her birth month, crazy? If it is, then that has to be my craziest😁

Thank you so much Muyi for being here. You have been amazing all through the years and I wish you more grace❤️ And thanks to everyone for reading.

A picture I took last week
Burke Uzzle, ”Photography is a love affair with life.”
Love this quote

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