Who Am I


When a man was reborn, the first question he asked was not, ‘Where am I?’ It was, ‘Who am I?’

We did not know who he was or how he happened to be. Therefore, we could not give him an answer.

Well, here is a man with his slate cleaned. He suffers a loss of identity, feels displaced and confused. ‘I used to be somebody, but I do not know who I am anymore.’ He asked, ‘Why did I do the things I did, who did I love, and who did I hate? Who am I? He continues to ask with the hopes of getting answers someday.

Who can say that they know another, when they do not even know themselves? If your secrets are locked in the darkest corner of your heart, who else can unlock them except you?

When a baby is born, he is without identity. Untethered and unbound to people and institutions. He is without a knowledge of the world.

What then makes a man? Is it his name or his family; his relationships or his country? Is he defined by the job he performs or by his religion? Does his time in jail reflect on his true character? Or could it be that the things he said when he was full of anger, were the same as his feelings?

When stripped of everything, and as a child, the world appears new and exciting. What pray tell, will you become?

When a man was reborn, the first question he asked was not, ‘Where am I?’ It was, ‘Who am I?’

Photo credit: Rigozo

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Photo credit: Rigozo

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