Cuban Red

By BF/ Featured Writer

I’ve been following
your smoke,
hoping to see you
start a fire.

But I no longer
feel irie;
you were no
Lucky Dube afterall.

I know I’ve lost you
but I can’t let go
of your scent.

Thoughts that linger
in the living room
of my mind,
sit slouched on
the three sitter,
legs stretched out
on the centre table,
making a meal
of my lungs
as they long for you.

Your burnt sticks
are still stuck_in my mind;
that socks!

They make my eyes
glow redder
than the rage
I feel within.

I’m willing to trade
my anger
for a 100 (s)cents,
dollar per_fume.

Photo Credit: Jéshoots-pexel

BF is a creative who likes to introduce himself as an ex rapper, ex poet and ex writer. He still listens to music (alte head) and writes every other day at work. Check out his blog here

Hey guys! Really excited to be featuring yet another writer. I hope to do more and thank you all for your support. 😍

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