Day 5 Pictures – (Part 2)



The room grew quiet, the only sound was the soft music playing in the background.

‘Your threat is unnecessary. You offered us the job and we accepted; you own us. Whatever you want from us, all you have to do is ask. Let me make it clear that I don’t like your methods – the way you approached us, the need for secrecy, the threats – but be rest assured that we are working for you and we will not disclose it with anybody. However, do not assume it will be easy to get rid of us.’ Adebayo said.

Paul hid his surprise well. He has worked with Adebayo for years, and the nature of their work as archaeologists had caused them to spend a fair amount of time with each other. Rare was the occasion where the big black man used so many words.

‘Bold statement from one so young. I like you already’ Roman smiled wryly. ‘I have been old for a long time and have forgotten how it feels to be young.’

‘You’ve’ lived a long life.’ Paul stated.

‘I have. I was around when they built the Great Wall of China.’

Adebayo was quiet. Paul opened his mouth to talk but closed it immediately. He stared at Roman with wide eyes. That was about 3000 years ago. Impossible!

‘Science, alchemy, and magic are one and the same – they make the impossible possible. I have cheated death.’ He said as if he read Paul’s mind.

On cue, his secretary opened the suitcase and brought out a tablet, put in the password, and gave it to Adebayo. As Adebayo scanned the contents of the tablet, his frown deepened. He passed the tablet to Paul.

He was looking at pictures. A lot of them. Some looked like they were taken recently, while some looked like they were taken several years ago. There were pictures in newspapers – they were written in different languages. And pictures of paintings from different eras. Something was nagging at him but he could not put his finger on it.

He looked up and saw Adebayo studying Roman Park. What is going on? He thought.

Paul gasped.

The pictures.

Roman Park or somebody that looked like him was in every picture.

‘I have been old for a long time and have forgotten how it feels to be young…I was around when they built the Great Wall of China.

Paul rubbed his eyes and looked at the pictures again, shaking his head in disbelief.

‘They say old age is a pleasant thing, and man finds rest in death. But I say old age is a curse, and death, a thief. Death steals man’s greatness and hinders him from fulfilling his glorious destiny. I have spent all of my life building my fortune with blood and sweat. Why give it all up for oblivion? What can death offer me? I have everything a man can possibly want. Power? Wealth? Long-life? Whatever I want but don’t have, I get it, by any means necessary.’

I cannot die. I refuse to die.

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#Day 5 of 30 days writing challenge – Not Enough Writers

Photo Credit: Pexels

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