Day 6 Immortality (Part 3)



‘Why do you need our help?’ Adebayo asked.

‘As you can see, my methods have worked so far, but at great cost.’ Roman looked down at himself in disgust. He picked up his drink and took a sip.

‘My people have finally discovered a way to do it effectively.’ Roman cleared his throat. ‘There’s a rare wildflower that grows in caves in the heart of the Sahara Desert, and it blooms on the longest day of the year. That is when it is most potent. . When mixed with the right ingredients, you can make an elixir of life. My youth will be returned to me and I’ll live forever.’ There was a faint gleam in his eyes.

He’s a mad man, Paul thought to himself. His hands shook as he dropped the tablet. He grabbed his drink and emptied the cup. I have to stay focused. Oh! This is bad. But their work as archaeologists often puts them in dangerous situations. One time they had gone into snake territory in search of artifacts. They barely got out alive, even though they had prepared for the worse. Danger lurked even in unexpected places…

‘What’s the name of the flower?’ Adebayo asked.

‘Eager, I see.’ Roman chuckled.

‘Make no mistake, it is real. Both of you will be leading a team to search for it, but it must be done without attracting attention to yourselves. All the necessary arrangements have been made. If you need anything just let my secretary, Mr Yoon, know.’

Paul shifted in his seat; he did not want to meet Adebayo’s piercing gaze. Damn it, he thought. The bastard is crazy. Elixir of life, immortality – impossible. Roman believed that it is possible. The man is still alive after all these years, although he looks like he is not long for the grave. What have I gotten us into? Will we come out of this dead or alive?

‘Failure is unacceptable.’ Roman said. Wait! Can he read minds too? Paul thought to himself. Is that even possible?

Paul’s head was aching. Adebayo was quiet. Too quiet.

Roman’s secretary refilled their drinks, ‘Drink up boys!’ Roman said, ‘To immortality!’

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#Day 6 of 30 days writing challenge – Not Enough Writers

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