Day 4 – Secrets (Part 1)


The club was at the center of the trading district. The security around the place was tight – CCTVS, scanners, dogs, and ex-military guards. No weapons were allowed on the premises.

‘You weren’t followed, were you?’ Paul Roach asked.

‘No.’ Adebayo Usman replied. He was a man of few words. They were in one of the rooms in the club. Needless to say, it was sound-proof.

Adeleke settled in the seat beside Paul. The lights were dim and soft music was playing in the background.

‘What of our employer?’ Adeleke asked.

‘Roman Park. He’s on his way.’

Adebayo raised an eyebrow as if to say continue.

Paul sighed, ‘He didn’t tell me much about the job when he called, but he said the discovery would change the world. Also, the money he offered us is going to set us up for life. Ade, we can carry out our own projects like we’ve always planned. This opportunity cannot be passed up. I tell you, we’ve struck gold this time.’

‘And you didn’t think to discuss it with me first?’

‘I told you that he said I must give an answer immediately or the deal was off. I made the decision for the both of us.’ Paul said confidently, but he was sweating.

Adebayo sucked air between his teeth. Why all the secrecy? He thought. Something about this doesn’t feel right. Not good.

The door opened, and they both stood.

Roman Park walked in with his secretary – his bodyguards remained outside. He was one of the most powerful men in the country; few people have met him in person. He was a frail old man with liver spots, and he called attention to himself by the sheer force of his will. He was well-groomed – he styled his thinning hair, wore wire-framed glasses, and walked with a cane. It was believed that he made his fortune mining coal. Some people said it was drug and human trafficking.

Paul made the introductions.

‘Welcome!’ said Adebayo.

‘Please, sit down.’ Roman gestured to the men and took his seat.

Adebayo noted that he had a strong voice – very unusual for someone his age.

His secretary set a briefcase on the table, and after he had poured drinks for the men, he stood behind his boss.

‘What I’m about to say must not leave this place. You must keep it a secret. Your life will be forfeit if you do not keep your mouths shut. It will be a shame to lose both of you. A shame, but I’ll manage.’

Part two

#Day 4 of 30 days writing challenge – Not Enough Writers

Photo Credit: Pexels

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