Left Behind

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Grave as the cold which steals the warmth of a corpse – the abandoned church stood like a man awaiting trial.

The wind murmured as it rushed in through the shuttered windows, reminiscent of hymns.

Where are the worshippers with their eyes closed in reverence and lips moving in earnest prayers?

Why does the promise of redemption no longer quicken their steps? Why do their shadows no longer stretch through the doors of the church?

Who left the church behind? God, the priest, or was it the townspeople?

Abandoned Church (Civil War Era) By Brian Cole


Corruption | Uzzi Ologe

Uzzi Ologe/Featured Writer

Hello ladies, gents and fey people. We have another featured post (Uzzi is now officially a veteran writer on my blog and that’s why he gets a trophy) and I’m very happy to share it with the rest of you. Please show your love and support.❤️😌


Do you run away from the light
And towards the dark flee
Or is the light no longer where angels fly
And the darkness where devils dwell

Do you live by some deviant logic
Or has the torment of this merciless place
Driven you to desperate madness

Do you know something we do not
Or simply grown weary and wary of the light
For what the light would not give
The darkness tempts in willing offering
And who are devils than angels who
Wanted more than the light would give

Uzzi Ologe
A picture text of Uzzi’s poem titled Corruption
Corruption by Uzzi Ologe

Uzzi Ologe🏆

Uzzi Ologe is a wannabe lots of things – poet, storyteller, critic, scholar and general writer of stuff… if only he gets around to actually writing (but God will help him). He loves banga soup and eba. When he is not thinking of writing, he is watching movies or daydreaming. He is also the most boring guy on earth.

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“I’m a complete mess as I write this but if you see me outside you wouldn’t know….”

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Kernel Seed

Hey guys! Pretty excited to have another featured writer. It’s almost two weeks since my last post, and I have looked forward to coming back from my self imposed hiatus. Life can really throw curve balls, it’s a wonder how we still manage to get up, dust off, and move on. My inner yogi is getting a rush out of that one. It brings to mind what a friend told me a while back, that it is not so much so the destination, but also the journey. I’m glad to be able to move on, and I derive a huge satisfaction from knowing the novelty of a new day still holds my attention. So yay me!!!

I come to you as a shock not a friend
I come to you as a thing you crave
I do not come to you lightly
I do not come from a place faraway
I come from a place inside you
I do not come bringing light
I do not come bringing power
I come to show you you are light
You are power
I come to you as a thing you do not use
I come to you as a reminder
I come to you as thing you own
Use me.

Uzezi Ologe

Uzzi Ologe (Uzi for short, exactly like the military grade weapon) is a writer and friend. Our conversations swing from humorous to alarmingly serious, in a heartbeat *goosebumps*. Those eyes will look at you as if he sees into your soul, and yet you are left wondering if maybe, just maybe you grew a mole on your face. It’s really hard to tell, and what’s amazing is that he shared this photo poem with me (that’s what he tagged it). Neat! Check out his blog here

Until next time! Stay safe! 😊

Photo credit: Pexels