What If Tomorrow Never Comes And You Have Been Procrastinating



Happy New Year 🎊

Disclaimer: This post was unplanned.

Hah! I want to chat about a thought on procrastination that crossed my mind.

Like omg, I can’t believe I’m saying this – I feel led to talk about it.

Well, I’m currently doing an audit of my blog and wanted to wait until I’m finished before I post this year, but it just came to me…

“What if I never finish the audit?”


I mean. Goosebumps.

Procrastination is real. I face it every time and a lot of people are battling it. Because it lies in wait to grab your attention when you lose guard. The creep is watching you.

In my writer’s group yesterday, Not Enough Writers, it was a declaration or should I say a confession that procrastination is a problem. And a few people came out of the closet to say that they also procrastinate. It’s crazy.

Big goals for me include : BEAT THE HELL OUT OF PROCRASTINATION and get my time management skills in order and everything else will fall into place. Daz all!

Syreeta from Not Enough Writers

But I’m not ready for tomorrow

I honestly feel that way. I sometimes wish that life should be on a fixed schedule. That there should be consequences for slacking.

The way it should be planned – if I don’t meet up with my commitments, I will get electrocuted. Shock me so that my head will be correct. Zero procrastination. But life is not like that, and I am thankful for it…lol.

Get up and get to work

Do the work today and let tomorrow answer for itself. Periodt. Tattoo it on my wrist or somewhere where I can see it all the time.

This reminds me of something I wrote a few months ago.

I ache to chase the sun across foreign cities. I feel fevered at the thought of rolling fields and the contrast of azure skies.

If tomorrow refuses to come, I believe I will be devastated.

Rigozo – Lia

Okay! I can be a tad dramatic. Still, I think a lot of us are at this table – “I will do it tomorrow.”

I did not say all of us because there are people out there that have this organizing and time management thing on lockdown. I mean they have systems, journals, planners, all the arsenals in their armory of productivity to put the rest of us – Association of Procrastinators – to shame. Wow! I need a friend or two in this category, please sign up. Or I can become that friend to somebody else, one day, someday.

Endless possibilities you know.

I just found this article 20 INCREDIBLE WOMEN ON WHAT THEY WISH THEY HAD KNOWN AT 20 and this is what Margaret Atwood had to say.

If tomorrow never comes…

Then you’ve missed whatever chance you had to do what you should have done today. And I mean the important stuff.

I don't want to be a prophet of doom, even though I'll look dashing in a black hooded cloak with the air of mystery around me - Eau De Mysterioso. You know, I gotta say that it is possible.

I’m trying to be intentional about the person I am becoming. It’s not easy.

Sometimes I just want to crawl into a hole and hide. I don’t because something stops me. Somebody stops me.

There’s this woman that I see and she’s me. She wears this lovely smile that says without words that she has conquered. And I am so psyched to meet her. I want to rush over and marvel at her beauty, her strength, her poise, but the journey is a long one. Tomorrow seems so close, yet so far away.

So, I’m making patience my bosom friend, and discipline and diligence are also part of the gang. Journaling helps me keep track of my thoughts. Together with faith and my humble self, we are all going on this trip.

Doing all I can today so that one day, tomorrow, I get to meet the woman with the lovely smile, who is me.

Therefore, I pray for tomorrow to come. And I hope you’ll say the prayer with me.

Have a good day and I would love to see your comments. Bye✌️🏾