Natural Beauty And People Of The World


What does it mean to be naturally beautiful?

All over the world, society dictates the beauty standard for both men and women. This means that whatever you consider as beautiful is influenced by the era you live in. It is why we have periodic looks and fashion.

Lately, the trend has been for people to embrace their natural beauty. When Bruno Mars sang, “When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change, cause you’re amazing, just the way you are.” All over the world, people swooned. And today, everywhere you go, the campaign is, ‘You are beautiful, just the way you are.’

When Noch was keeping me company while I was editing some pictures yesterday, he suddenly said that he would like to know why I choose to stay ‘natural’ (I don’t wear makeup you see).

I told him, “I’m too lazy to make an effort to learn how to do makeup.”

He quickly added that he doesn’t mean that I’m not a natural beauty, but he feels like I could do more to enhance it with makeup. Lucky for me, this is the era that supports natural beauty, so I’m not an outcast. It is also an era that has seen a rise in-camera filters and photo editing. So it’s neither here nor there. If I can afford a stylist and makeup artist on call everyday, that’ll be fantastic. But since I can’t afford it, I also can’t stress over doing my own makeup, I have to be thankful for having a pleasant face.

Side note: I wonder if I’m the only one that has noticed that people have a lot to say about another person’s appearance. Like they really be all up in your business. Sheesh!

When I got home I started to think about how natural beauty is perceived by people all over the world and looked it up. Yay Google!

You can be naturally beautiful with no makeup

Some people define natural beauty as barefaced, with no makeup. It is looking good without any artificial element. Well, you have heard that beautiful people naturally don’t need to wear makeup. They don’t need Snapchat or IG filters to look good.

Some consider naturally beautiful people as God’s favorite children because he took extra time to create their bone structure and flawless skin. All they have to do is maintain it.

Photo by Rigozo

I have met several people that believe that wearing makeup or using filters is deceptive. So for them, a natural beauty is anybody that their beauty stands out without any embellishments.

You can be naturally beautiful with makeup

Indeed, some people cannot leave their homes without wearing a smidge of makeup. For them, they use makeup, not to hide their flaws, but to enhance their beauty. No one is running a scam here. Even though the saying goes that beauty goes skin deep, many people are only excited by what they see on the outside.

Noch said to me, “I have said it several times today that you’re beautiful. I won’t even be trying to get close to you if you were ugly. Even the Bible said that when God created the world, it was beautiful. And he put man on earth and commanded him to work it.”

“I know that you look beautiful naturally, but I just want you to use light makeup to compliment what you already have. There’s still room for improvement.”

Yeah, so you can be naturally beautiful with makeup apparently. And he’s not the only one with that opinion. As long as you wear your make-up in a way that looks natural, then you are good.

Natural products; 100% organic

Is it still natural if you are using skin care products to maintain your skin? Well apparently it is. Some in the beauty industry believe that natural beauty is using products that have ingredients that are not harmful to the skin to achieve face enhancement.

If it reads, “100% organic, or eco-friendly ” people’ll swoon. They’re the new buzzwords. You can even see it as a status symbol of the era of the enlightened. It shows that you care about what you consume and how it affects not just your health, but also the planet.😅😅

This is where you’ll also find the natural hair community. To show that you’re truly a part of the tribe, you must embrace the use of avocados, eggs, yogurt, coconut oils, and essential oils. As far as skincare goes, slather honey and goat milk, and you’ll dazzle even the sun, stay healthy and protect the planet.

Side note: Have you seen the price of organic products in the market?😪

Using augmentation to define your beauty

For some people, another way to achieve natural beauty is to augment it. Fake it until you make it?

Cosmetic/Plastic surgery is a game-changer for the beauty industry. Despite its many many risks, a lot of people around the world have adpoted this method of beautification. Why settle for an average morning look when you can wake up with perfect eyebrows and the cutest pout? Why go around looking like you were sandpapered when you can run on the beach with your cleavage threatening to spill?

After all, the slope of your nose has always been naturally graceful from birth, all it needed was a likkle bit o’tweak. You can insist that natural beauty is whatever you choose to call it even if it’s all plastic.

In Conclusion

With all the opinions about what should be considered natural beauty, I’m left to wonder which one is right or wrong.

Beauty has always factored tremendously in our society. And I’ve read all kinds of stories about how it affects people. I don’t wear makeup as a personal choice because I say that my face works for me. I would like to think that if I need to enhance my natural beauty with makeup, I’ll do it. I also think that my physical beauty does not necessarily define who I am. I give credit to my inner beauty the most, but I know that the world gravitates towards attractive people.

Let me know what your definition of natural beauty is or beauty in general?

#Day 2 of My Journal Series.

Photo credit: Pexels