The Last Days Of Fall


Happy October guys!

So, I wrote a poem for the first time in many months and want to share it with you. Yet again I am looking forward to this month, and grateful to have had an awesome start. I pray October stays kind to me and to you.

Okay, enjoy the poem, bye.✌️🏾

Under dark skies 
City lights sparkle like stars
But soon the sun will come
To chase away wispy dreams

Of magic and spells
Conjurings and potions
Of wizards and witches
And freshly mown grass

Deep in dungeons
Ancient powers stir
Waiting to be awakened
On the day of the dead

To walk among the living
And feel life throbbing
Blood hot and red
Awakens sinful pleasures

These are the last days of fall
For soon winter comes
Bringing endless night
And warmth will be no more

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Magical Creatures


Hey people! Yesterday was one of those ‘If I perish, I perish’, moments. That is because I shared my personal story with y’all just to unwind and let go of that part of me that seems frozen in time. I wanted to haul all of the garbage into the sea, and say, ‘Okay! Bye! It was not fun while it lasted, urgh.’ Cataloguing my thoughts, weighing the consequences, and finally putting it all down, was my way of letting go. Do I feel better? A teeny weeny bit. But that’s a lot of bad vibes off my chest. Would I be able to do it again? Well I have learnt not to underestimate myself. I am Magic you ken.

A part of me was aghast, still is – so y’all like sob stories huh! – and another part of me was wowed. You see I took off my layers, got naked, and I didn’t get shorn as being weak or chasing clout. My vulnerability wasn’t shoved back into my face. Forget wowed, I’m humbled. I guess I still don’t completely subscribe to the goodness of humankind – no offense to every human reading this🙏 – one day I’ll eventually get there. If you missed it click here to see me naked (figuratively guys!).

Following quickly on yesterday’s purge, my friend Jesam wrote something lovely and sent it to me. I believe it serves to remind us (me especially) that we are magic. Not necessarily the Hogwarts kind. Truly this magic is not in spells books or potions. Not in the elder wand or invincible cloak or resurrection stone (forgive the excessive use of Harry Potter’s reference but I wish J. K Rowling is my fairy godmother).

Our magic comes from knowing that we are flawed and being reminded daily of our limitations; it is scaling one obstacle only to meet up with another one, over and over again; it is fighting to stay relevant in our relationships and still failing one way or another. It requires acknowledging all of this, accepting the truth of it and still striving hard to prove ourselves capable of overcoming it. It reveals itself when you do not let yourself be defined by where you currently are but by where you see yourself. Alas, if you don’t do the work you’ll stay put like those annoying queues at the ATM😂

You are magic when you simply believe that you are. Shikena!

So click the link and you can find out for yourself why everything I ranted about just might be true😌👇okay, bye!

Five blind men stumbled on an object on their way home. It wasn’t there when they set out at dawn, and they were used to taking that route back as it was the only one they knew. They circled the object and decided to inspect it. The man in front stretched his hand and felt […]

Magical Creatures by Jesam

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