No Finicky Business




So I have been chatting with this man for some time now and it’s like he’s playing hard to get.

I didn’t care that he said he doesn’t talk to strangers at the beginning. I had already introduced myself, which changed my status from stranger to acquaintance.

Since then, I’ve been greeting this man good morning and good night every single day. Can’t he see that I have swallowed my pride?

I have been waiting for him to get with the program and start to make moves, but the man is slow.

We are still in the talking stage, on God. I’m thinking that maybe I should hit him on the head with a love memo. Look, I’m not getting any younger.

Anyway, I sent him a picture today because I was looking like a babe and more, and tensioning is the name of the game.

It looked like it worked because the man texted me immediately, “WHO’S YOUR DADDY?”

Ah! Is it really happening like this? Am I dreaming?

Finally, all of my hard work has paid off.

I can never let an opportunity pass me by, so I sharply answered, “You’re my daddy.”

*I giggled like a hybrid monkey*

Hah! It was his turn to make the next move.

I was so excited, until I saw, “Hahaha! Very funny. But that’s biologically incorrect.”

Wait! What? Excuse me!

This man is not serious, abi?

What’s all this finicky business?

I was looking at my phone like I forgot the password of my Kuda bank app, because…

Is romance dead? Asking for a friend.

#Day 5 of My Journal Series

Morning Musings


Today, like most days I find myself awake even before the sun is up. The sky is inky black and I look out my window as if anticipating a lover. The hours before sunrise is one of my favorite times of the day. I like to wake up early in the morning so that I can spend time with myself.

I like to imagine that every morning is like a painter painting over an old canvas. I like to tell myself that I’ve gotten another day to love and be loved. I like to think about all the things I would like to do and the process I’ll have to follow to get there. Another chance to give meaning to my existence and going after the things that I want. I like to watch the window like I’m waiting for my lover to jump in and carry me off farfarfaraway.

When I hear someone say that they are not a morning person, I just cannot relate. For me, I just love to be up early, to breathe deeply, and listen to my heart thud in my chest in a quiet rhythm. Also, it makes sense to revisit yesterday with fresh eyes, accepting that the past is in the past – I’m in the present. Those things that hurt me before are all behind me, and I do not have to be shackled by them. Morning comes with its uncertainties yet I would rather run into the future than dwell in the past.

I hope today stays fresh and wonderful to you too.❤️ Have a wonderful day and a happy weekend.

Photo credit: Rigozo

I love city lights. I took this picture in the early hours of the morning after it rained.

Thursday Talk Series| Why I Love The Things I Do By Muyiwa


Yesterday I met two old friends and I really can’t describe the feeling. The first person I met gave me the feel warm like I get when I’m wearing my favorite hoody. The second person felt a lot like coming home after a very long trip. I rushed down the road for a hug and almost knocked down both of us in my excitement. I can truly say with my full chest that yesterday was a lovely day. They both made me realize that I’ve not just been existing. Over the years I’ve lived my life experiencing a myriad of wonderful and amazing people. Quite a number of them were featured on Thursday Talk Series, and it has been a pleasure. Even when the world presents itself as a terrible place, and the struggle is unending, just having good people in your life can make the difference between living and existing.

Glad to have Muyiwa here today🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 and I need to let y’all know that he’s got the personality to make you want to never part with him. You’ll probably be daunted by his 6ft + height when you first meet (I’m 5.9 but I feel like a troll beside him) but he’s the proper gentleman and soon he’ll have you putty in his palms. Plus he gives the best hugs (like a human-size teddy bear). And his mind is a beautiful place, with a unique style of storytelling. What’s striking about Muyi is that he doesn’t put up appearances, and he takes you as you come and impresses on you that you are more than enough. He’s eager to learn as well as teach, talk and listen, laugh and cry, whatever it takes to make you feel appreciated – Mr Nice Guy has nothing on him.

Q. Can you introduce yourself and what you do?

A. My name is Are Victor Olumuyiwa, a perfect description of Christ’s love to man (I didn’t even have to cook this up sef) but that’s it sha. I’m a Nigerian, lol😄 I feel like I should stress that I’m proudly Nigerian. I love my country although her matter dey tire me sometimes, but I really love her. What do I do? I serve God for a living! Like that’s the most important thing that I do, and I get paid for it (you want to know how? You’re welcome to find out, it’s not that deep but it is😁). I’m also a freelance content writer, give me any topic Nwanne’m and I will serve you hot-hot. I’m also just starting to build a life from photography, so yeah I think we’re fine here.

Are Muyiwa wearing Traditional attire
Are Victor Olumuyiwa

Q. Why do you do your job? And would you rather do something else?

A. Mehn, I’ve tried a lot of stuff, I’ve done things but I’ve not felt this measure of peace, joy, and fulfillment that comes from these (the things I do). The fact that it has an impact on men is humbling and a joy to behold( KJV things). I’ve had people read my stuff and just love me, pure love please 😊 it’s beautiful. Would I rather do something else? I don’t know, something like what abeg?

Q. What is the best thing about what you do?

A. Its influence on people, a writer’s pen is such a powerful tool..look at famous writers from Chimamanda Adichie to John Grisham, Francine Rivers to Peter Abrahams, Myles Munroe to Brian Tracy.

Are Victor Olumuyiwa

Q. What do you feel you take for granted and how does it affect you?

A. In the past it used to be good health. I almost lost my life in 2019, and that experience shaped a lot of things for me. If you have noticed with men, na when you escape death once, you go just wise anyhow😄. You start to see things differently. Now it has to be rest. I think a lot of people take this for granted. When I don’t have enough rest, some part of my face starts to twitch, like my eyes, nose, and lips start to move involuntarily. It’s important to rest when you need to, if you don’t have enough rest when you should, one day you’ll be lying down on a hospital bed.

Q. Can you describe the person that knows you best?

A. I know myself best abeg😄😄. My family (it’s a large family), I think everyone is pretty much on the same level.

Are Victor Olumuyiwa

Q. What two things do you think of the most each day and why?

A. Easy something 😋 Number 1 (in Ghanian English), God’s love for me. I really like to dwell there for many reasons, one of which is that it fills me with so much love and grace to extend to the next person. Number two is God’s word. I love to meditate on the scriptures a lot. They get me excited, they have me saying ‘Glory to God’ one minute and ‘Woosh, praise God’ the next minute. They keep my mind sane, healthy, and with the right vibes. I’m very loud about my faith (with my full chest), as I am not a secret service agent for Christ.

Q. What do you appreciate about yourself and what would you like to change?

A. Well…I appreciate that there’s no end to what I’m capable of, lol. It’s hard to see me finish, laye. You think this is it, something new pops up. What would I like to change? My shoe size😭😍😭😭. I have a pair of black shoes, size 50. I’ve started wearing 49/48 though, but I get to pull it off sometimes so that blood can flow through the veins in my leg or else I’d have to go to the toilet to stretch my legs (no jokes) People with big legs don’t usually have fine shoes😓. Please join me in prayers – size 45 is the prayer request.

Are Victor Olumuyiwa

Q. Do you consider that people are basically bad or basically good?

A. I came into a world filled with complexes. I’d have loved to have the world in a monochrome filter though, because it’s peaceful, and life would have been easier to live I think. You are either white or black.

Q. Would you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert and why?

A. I’m a mix of both really, but more introverted. Okay, let’s just pick one. I love my space, and I enjoy it. I love my room a lot! And my room loves me too. I know how to have fun alone. Bored? How? But if the occasion demands that I be an extrovert, why not? I will play the role well. My brothers; Chyke and Sojay have done an exceptional job in getting that part of me out.

Mehn, I’ve tried alot of stuff, I’ve done things but I’ve not felt this measure of peace, joy and fulfillment that come from these (the things I do). The fact that it has impact on men is humbling and a joy to behold (KJV things). I’ve had people read my stuff and just love me, pure love please 😊 it’s beautiful.

Are Victor Olumuyiwa on Thursday Talk Series

Q. What would top your list as the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of love?

A. Mehn..craziest…hmm (thinking). Well, would you call writing an original poem – never before seen, not on the internet – every Saturday of the year, and 30 extra poems (originals too) on her birth month, crazy? If it is, then that has to be my craziest😁

Thank you so much Muyi for being here. You have been amazing all through the years and I wish you more grace❤️ And thanks to everyone for reading.

A picture I took last week
Burke Uzzle, ”Photography is a love affair with life.”
Love this quote

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Thursday Talk Series on Enosedeba – The Storyteller


Hey everyone, I’m glad to have you here. My week was great. Yay! I know right, August started for me like sunshine after a stormy night. The best thing about my week was when I realized how blessed it is to have people that love and care for me. Not long ago, on the 30th of July, the world celebrated, ‘International Friendship day,’ and I was once again reminded that my existence, though plagued with uncertainties, has been enriched by the people I associate with. I’d like to say a big thank you to my friends for all the support, and the kinds words, and for just being there. If I have been too involved with myself and neglecting my duties as a friend, feel free to call me out and I wish us more years of friendship and food (yes food…don’t ask me why; you can also call an old friend today and say Hi)😌

Okay, I have Enosedeba Ken with us today, and I feel I should give y’all a heads up…there’s quite a lot to take in. Now I like rehashing first meetings because they mostly leave a lasting impression on me. With Ken it was a virtual meeting, and people the word I’ll use is intense, think Yoda meets Rumi, and I know that sounds shady but that’s the honest truth. For me Ken embodies our uniqueness as humans, and also how we view the world as individuals. He signals at every turn that we are all connected and playing our parts in every corner of the globe. It’s in his message of Love (here’s another guy that sneaks the ‘L’ word into every conversation😂) and in the stories that he tells.

Q. Can you introduce yourself and what you do?

A. Hi Rigz, as I love to call you. My name is Enosedeba and I am a storyteller (Feels like an AA meeting introduction). I tell stories of what was, what is, and what will be, or as I like to put it, I tell stories of the end and the beginning of everything and nothing (I know it sounds like a lot). I use various mediums in telling stories; it could be poems, short stories, or films. Whichever the medium, my stories are grounded on four abstracts, time, love, death, and choice. I am currently compiling my writing into a body of work titled, “The End and Beginning of Everything and Nothing”, also working on my debut novel titled, “The Handmaiden.”

Enosedeba standing in front of the box office logo
Ken Enosedeba

Q. Why do you do your job, and would you rather do something else?

A. I believe I am blessed with one of the most important jobs in the world. In life, stories are everything. They are our roadmap lest we get lost, our memory lest we forget, and our light lest we fall – a man or a nation without vision sleeps with the army of the dead. We, therefore, find our answers to life in stories. Everything tells a story, and I seek to tell the story of everything. Now, why would I stop giving life to others, what could possibly be more fun than telling the story of time?

Q. Can you share the time when you were certain it was what you wanted to do?

A. Tbh, when I found myself – not I but myself – it was at the time that I discovered the world in me. I knew I had to tell the story of this spirit that lives in everyone and everything. I sought to unravel the mystery that is the “I Am”. Of course, I knew it was a journey, a marvel that never ends, yet I chose to ride this white horse from that moment.

Excerpt on Enosedeba’s story titled The Language of Love

Q. What do you feel is the difference between living and existing?

A. Love. The one that is without love is empty even when he has everything. It’s a story that time will always tell. Love is the source of life, it is the spirit that holds and connects everything. The one who has love has found hope, friendship, community, and family. One thrives in such harmony, for even when he has nothing, he has more than enough. I believe there’s a saying, “Everyone dies but not everyone lived.” Love is light, without it, there’s no color, just darkness.

Q. What two things do you think of the most each day and why?

A. Love and Time lol. Pretty much because I’m always working. My experience of reality is immersed in these because I seek to understand these abstracts more, so I could tell their stories better. I say, “In the beginning, time called forth for love and after the hero’s journey, time saw that love was good, so time rested, letting love rule in His stead.” I am on the hero’s journey, every living soul is.

Q. Can you describe the person that knows you best?

A. HaHaHa, I wouldn’t say there’s one person that knows me best. Though I’m quite simple, I am as complex as love, and I am constantly evolving. The ‘me’ you know is probably a reflection of yourself, and I believe humans are dynamic. Yea, there are depths to me I’m yet to find and I think it would be unfair to burden someone with the whole of me. I am hoping my wife would know me best though lol. The two are one, right?

Q. What superpowers would you like to have and why?

A. Hmm, Vision. The eye of the heart breaks through the matrix of reality and reaches to the source to know what truly is. When you know what is, you know what will be. For the man with vision is never defeated, ask Bran Stark.

Q. If you could, what’s the one thing you’d change about the world?

A. Our thought process. How we think, well, it all starts with a thought, and if I could align the thoughts of men with the source of life then the world will be better for it. Right now the world is on a journey that started from a point no longer remembered, and we are hoping one day it becomes a circle – a futile quest. So yeah, I believe we as spirit beings were sent to the world to make men remember that love is the only point that stands.

Q. What have you accomplished so far that has made you proud?

A. Oh I wrote a short film, lol. I’ve done a great many things but I’ve always wanted to make a film and I wrote one. It is currently in the production stage. I hope I get a review on your blog.

“Love is the source of life, it is the spirit that holds and connects everything. The one who has love has found hope, friendship, community and family. One thrives in such harmony, for even when he has nothing, he has more than enough.”

Ken Enosedeba on Thursday Talk Series.

Q. If like a movie your life up to this point is played for you to watch, describe how you’d feel about it?

A. Hahaha, omg, what a journey it has been. It’ll be nice to experience myself outside of my body. I think I’d be very attentive though, a story is being told, it is my story and it hasn’t ended yet. Sometimes a good reflection can give you keys to open doors in the present and future. We can’t rewrite the past but we can learn from it.

Thank you Ken for the interview and I wish you all the best with your book and film. To my readers thank you so much and just in case you haven’t heard this, have a beautiful Thursday.

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Thursday Talk Series | Ugo Lives Life To The Fullest

Some days my mind takes the initiative to shut down so that I can catch a break. Here’s the thing, for a moment I will forget everything, regardless of where I am or what I’m currently doing. This wool-gathering seems to happen to me on days when I’m idle or mostly stressed out. I’ve heard people say things about absentmindedness but in my own opinion I feel that if I do not let my mind wander once in a while then I cannot really appreciate being present. It’s like that saying “Only in the darkness can you see the stars.”

Alright, we have Ugochukwu today and well I’m pumped. I feel that Ugo does a marvelous job of understanding what she wants out of life in this period. She makes it seem like it would make all the difference if we are not so bothered about the end because we have spent all of our existence just enjoying being here and present as much as we can. Only good vibes and awesome energy! She’s also not shy to admit to feeling less confident occasionally. Still, she’ll show up and try all she can to love and encourage herself and keep the faith. In the same way, she infuses love and light into the people around her. That’s Gogo for you. Let’s get into it.

Q. Can you introduce yourself and what you do?

A. Hi, My name is Ugochukwu Eluchie. I am also known as Ugo or Gogo. What do I do? I exist. I am living my life and trying to do so to the fullest.

Ugochukwu Eluchie

Q. Why do you do your job, and would you rather do something else?

A. Should I be honest? I do my job because that’s really what I am good at for now. I would rather not do anything but live, without the pressure of working to earn a living.

Q. What’s your idea of real success and how can it be achieved?

A. My idea of success evolves as I take steps in life. I think real success for me is enjoying my life. Not pretending to but enjoying it, liking it, and finding satisfaction in what I have per time. The only way this can be achieved is by being content. Contentment is the key to living out this version of success.

Q. What do you appreciate about yourself and what would you like to change?

A. I appreciate my vulnerability. I will always tell the people I know who care for me how I feel. I am quite honest about my feelings, most of the time. The only thing I would like to change is how my emotions sometimes make me feel defeated but then again I have support from the Spirit of God who helps me when my emotions rage.

Q. Do you think we have a greater purpose or are we just waiting for our turn to die?

A. I think we all have one purpose, to live lives that honor the one who made us. Our purpose permeates through our careers, schools, friendships, families, marriages, and so on. The purpose to live for God is our great purpose, there is nothing greater or lesser. It’s just that. I mean we are also waiting for our turn to die but we do so as we live out our purpose.

Q. What kind of people do you allow into your circle?

A. I allow good people, kind people, caring people, and loving people.

Q. What two things do you think of the most each day?

A. I think of when I die if my friends will use my best selfie for my obituary and I think of the abroad, my real home.

Q. What’s your favorite social media platform? Why?

A. My favorite social media platform is Tumblr and it is because nobody I know is there. The pressure is off and I get to read people’s thoughts about the most random things.

Q. Can you share how what you do is relevant in society?

A. Lol I said to exist, so in other words, my existence is relevant to society as I get to shine the light of God and all he has placed inside me in the society I live in.

I think we all have one purpose, to live lives that honour the one who made us. Our purpose permeates through our careers, schools, friendships, families, marriages…. The purpose to live for God is our great purpose, there is nothing greater or lesser.”

Ugochukwu Eluchie on Thursday Talk Series

Q. If you could, what’s the one thing you’d change about the world in this generation?

A. I will change nothing. Every generation is unique and I think we are living out our uniqueness and God understands that uniqueness. Hence he is meeting people in this generation and drawing them to himself. Moses and Joshua were two remarkable leaders but they led two different generations and that was their call. The world will come to know the love of God if we live intentional and purposeful lives. I won’t change anything, I will only encourage people to live lives that men may see God in them.

Thank you very much Ugo for the interview, it has been a pleasure and I do hope you get to live your life to the fullest. It has been fun people, have a super-duper (only good vibes) Thursday. See ya!

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Love You Everyday


I want you to let me love you
The reason is of little importance
I want to hold your hands
All you need to do is to never let go
Words are often misconstrued
And malice breeds like sewer rats
Tracking filth on the sheets
Therefore I'll let my actions do the talking
Give you smiles to drive away your fears
Hugs to reassure you that everything will be alright
And if you still want the words, I'll give them all to you
They will sink like serums into your pores
The cadence of my voice as potent as a siren's song
All I ask is that you let me love you everyday

Thank you for reading. Let us not forget to choose love everyday.

Working on a new feature for my blog called Snail Story. It would be flash fiction stories of less than 200 words. Will you be interested to read it? Please leave your comments, I’d love to know what you think.

I’m currently reading this book and I’ve found out that it has hidden gems. 😍

Aisha’s Luck


When her phone rang and she saw the caller, she smiled gently, careful not to stretch the skin on her face or else the scab by the corners of her mouth would open. 

“Mariam! It’s been a long time.” Aisha said softly. 

“Ya! It is true. You don’t remember that we are friends these days, but I forgive you. How are you doing?” 

“Fine, my friend. I thank God for life.” She looked at herself in the mirror, her left eye black and partly shut. 

“Ah Aisha! You are highly favored by God. I still can’t believe that your husband got you the latest Benz not long after you got back from your holiday in Qatar. I envy you my friend. If I have even a quarter of your luck, my life will not be so miserable.” Mariam gushed. 

“Yes! He is very generous. I don’t know what I did to deserve him.” Tears tracked down the eye that was left open. The saltiness stung her broken lips. She welcomed the pain, even as pink tongue darted out to taste her tears.

“See you praising your husband, haba! This must be the love that people are always talking about. Ehn ehn! No wonder you haven’t come to see me in weeks now.” 

Aisha’s chest tightened painfully, the hum of the humidifier the only sound in the room. She opened her mouth as if to say something but closed it, eyes darting to the door as if expecting it to burst open any minute.

Mariam was still talking, “I pray to God everyday to find a man like your husband. My friend, you don’t know that you are the talk of all the women in town.”

“My friend Mariam, thank you for calling, but I have to go now.” Aisha backed up to one corner of her room, her chest heaving.

“Ahn ahn! So soon? Let me come and visit you one of these days. We still have a lot of gist to cover. I’m sure you have not heard that Fatima ran away from home. Can you imagine? Isn’t she lucky that Alhaji Tanko wants her for a fourth wife? I swear, some people don’t know a good thing even when it’s standing before their eyes. He’s wealthy and I heard he bought separate houses for his wives on the island. If I was her ehn, I’d be dancing…”

Aisha disconnected the call and slid to the floor, her bandaged torso protesting. It was her fault for thinking her husband would take things lightly. She saw the box he left for her this morning unopened on her bed, the paper sparkling in the sunlight. Whatever was inside would definitely be costly. Quadri would keep buying her gifts and apologizing. A broken wrist had gotten her a week in Qatar. He had muttered promises to take her to Dubai as soon as she got better. It was like Mariam said, she was lucky.


How Mohammad became the security guard/gateman for the Daudas was still a mystery. He could easily lift up a grown man and toss him like a rag, but he really was softhearted. 

A car horn had him rushing to check the gate. It was Oga Bello, his master’s closest friend. He let him into the house and threw a salute as Bello stepped out of his car. 

“Oga Bello, Welcome! Gaskia you are looking very handsome today.”

Bello laughed heartily, reached into his pocket, brought out a wad of money, and handed it over to Mohammad. 

“Get something nice for yourself and send the rest home to your wives and children,” Bello said. 

He walked towards the house with Mohammad singing his praise. The maid let him in. After informing him that it was only Madam Aisha in the house, she led him to a private sitting area. 

“Haba Bello! You didn’t call to let us know you were coming.” 

Bello trembled slightly. He knew it was wrong to lust after his friend’s wife, but Aisha was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and he wanted her badly. He stood up as she walked in.

“I have something important to discuss with Quadri. His number is not going, and I was around the area so I dropped by hoping to meet him here.” Bello found himself tracking Aisha’s every graceful movement, sometimes it seemed as if her feet hardly touched the ground. 

“Please sit. My husband had to go for a meeting very early this morning. Perhaps you can leave a message for him.” 

He would have missed it if he hadn’t studied her face like the palm of his hand, and if he wasn’t looking at her so intently.

“What happened to your face?” He asked, drawn to her without even thinking. She was wearing make up but the bruise was still noticeable.

Aisha eyes grew wide and she retreated from him. “I caught my foot on the carpet and fell down. My fault for being such a klutz.”

Bello felt cold and hot all at once. He knew that Aisha was no klutz. Watching her move away like a little rabbit left him with a heady sensation. He found himself breathing deeply until her smell fogged his brain.

“Haba! This ends here. How long will you husband continue to act so despicable? I swear Aisha, I will kill Quadri for laying his filthy hands on you.” Bello said, fighting the urge to pull her close. 

“Get out!” One minute she was cowering and the next her spine straightened, and there was fire in her eyes. “Mind your business and don’t you ever threaten my husband. You will not lay a single finger on him, do you understand? You don’t know anything okay, so stay away from us.”

She spun away from him and left the room without a backward glance. 


“You bastard!”

That was the only warning Quadri got before a blow landed solidly on his jaw, causing him to stagger. 

It took him a moment to clear the ringing in his head. Going into his study after a long day of business meetings, he had not expected to be jumped by his friend, Bello.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” He managed to get out.

“So help me God, Aisha will not spend another night under your roof.” Bello declared as he watched Quadri, pacing like a wounded bear. 

“I do not like the tone of your voice, and also I do not like that you’ve mentioned my wife in such manner. Except you want me to toss you out like a rabid dog, explain yourself.” Quadri walked to the small fridge tucked behind his desk and poured himself a drink. 

“I have noticed the bruises for a very long time. Gaskia, do you know how blessed you are to have Aisha? Yet you use her as a punching bag.”

“Is that what she told you? Did Aisha tell you that she no longer wants to be with me because I beat her?”

“Are you saying my eyes are deceiving me?”

Bello could not forget Aisha’s reaction. She had asked him to leave. Other women would have started crying and clinging to him. 

“You don’t know anything. Aisha is my wife. I love her and worship the ground she walks on. I would never maltreat her.” Quadri said fiercely.

Bello was stunned. He recalled that Aisha never said it was Quadri who hit her. Was she trying to protect him? He ran his hand through his hair in frustration. 

“How did she get all those bruises then?” Bello yelled. “Are blind or a liar, which one?

“Please Bello! Calm down. I can’t tell…Aisha she’s…God help me but I don’t know what to do. You can’t say anything about this. Believe me, I don’t know how I’ll protect my wife. If this gets out, they’ll come for her.” Quadri looked like a man at war with himself. 

“What are you talking about? Who are they? Damn it! Quadri I will not keep quiet until you tell me what is going on.”

The silence that followed was thick. Resigned Quadri motioned for Bello to take a seat, then he locked the doors.

“You want me to believe that Aisha is a spy and an assassin? Are you crazy? Do you think I’m stupid? Tor! Let’s say for a moment I believe you, did you marry her knowing the truth? 

“Keep your voice down and let me finish. I did not know any of this before we were married. I fell in love Aisha the moment I laid my eyes on her, and chased her until she finally agreed to marry me. For most part of our marriage she hid her job well. I only found out the night she came back with multiple stab wounds. She begged me not to take her to the hospital. After I fixed her, I demanded that she tell me the truth. She works for an underground militia group. They are called The Brotherhood. They are paid to carry out kidnapping, assainations and several illegal activities, including toppling governments. Aisha was an orphan picked up from the streets and trained since she was a child. My wife said she married me as a cover for her identity and threatened to kill me if I told anybody…”

“No! Shut up! How dare you? You liar. Aisha cannot hurt anybody. She’s too pure and sweet, and you…you disgust me. Just to cover up for your pathetic behavior you plot the most absurd story. Lies. This is not over Quadri, you’ll hear from me.” Bello stood up, unlocked the doors and stormed out in fury.


“He did not believe you.”

“How long have you been here?” Quadri face did not show any surprise. 

“I warned him not to lay a finger on you. I saw him punch you and I wanted to kill him, but you…you tried to reason with him.” Aisha’s cold laughter sent shivers up Quadri’s spine. 

“The Brotherhood will not be merciful if I am exposed. They would come after you, but I will never let that happen.” She hissed. 

“Come here!”

Aisha stood before him looking beautiful and dangerous. Eyes sparkling and fist clenched. Her red abaya was designed with black and gold threads, and he knew she had knives and guns strapped to her body. He pulled her into his lap and buried his face in her hair. 

“Easy my love. Is that why you agreed to stay instead of leaving like you wanted to that night? To protect me? Ah! I should be the one protecting you.” He said.

Aisha’s job took her to dangerous places she had a lot of enemies. Every time he feared she won’t return back to him. 

“You’ve done enough already. You’ve loved me for who I am, you’ve kept my secrets and taken care of me.” Aisha placed her head on his shoulder and sighed.

“How’s your wrist?”

“The doctors in Qatar said it would heal well, and they were correct. It’s as good as new. Tor! You need to stop buying me gifts. It’s not you fault that I got injured.”

“I know.” Quadri replied. 

“Bello has to be silenced.”

“I know.”

“He wants to have me. The fool. I’ll make him pay for hitting you.” She caressed his face and Quadri laughed. His wife must be rubbing off on him if he didn’t bat an eye after hearing her casually talk about killing his friend. 

“It’s my job to protect you as your husband. There’s also the fact that I’m glad you face is better now so that I can do this as much as I want.” He held her face with his hands and kissed her deeply, wanting more than anything to hurt anyone who tried to harm her. 

Aisha was smiling as they broke the kiss. Until he came into her life, she was alone, fighting for survival on the streets long before The Brotherhood found her. He changed everything and living without him was not an option. She would find a way to neutralize the threat they pose to their lives as soon as possible.

“I heard from a reliable source that I’m very lucky to have you.” Aisha teased. Quadri laughed and hugged her tightly, thinking that he was the one lucky to have her. 

Tomorrow! 😍

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Love Is Color


Rust, brown, was the print you left when you walked out the door
Heard the same lines, ‘It’s over’, funny because we just got started
Paper planes with white wings whisper through the air
Watch my mind drift thinking about everything when you’re not here
Words you said then, now means one and a thousand things
Like sun rays passing through stained glass, they colored my world
But since you turned your back on me it’s been a darker scene,
The warm night is colder than the arctic, my feelings blue
My head hurts a little, my heart hurts a lot and some more
I was once a rainbow, light spilled from my pores
Reflected in your eyes, but now like a daguerreotype the shutters are closed
It’s the final chapter of our story, still I pause on the last page
Maybe if I could find more paper and black ink I’d continue to write
Tell a tale of a love so pure, passion that burns fiery red, unending
Like gray clouds on a rainy day, happy ever after only happens in books.

Photo credit: Pexels

Hey guys! TTS will be kicking off next week Thursday. Really appreciate all the support and everyone so far that have shown interest in it.  Super thrilled. Thank you so much! 😍  Sharing and Connecting is the theme for TTS. You know that it will be as much fun for me as it would be for you. So show your love and don’t forget to share with your friends. Have a colorful day! 💟

Happy Birthday Musti🌹

Love, Bug.

Just The Two of Us


I could guess from the way she walked that something was not right. Her gaze was unfocused and her shoulders slumped. She looked lost and made no move to hold on to her threadbare wrapper as it fluttered in the wind. I jumped down from my perch and ran to her as fast as I could pump my little legs.

“Mama, welcome!” I shouted.

My voice reached her before I did. In an instant those weary eyes lit up so bright, my little ignorant heart could only accept it as magic. She transformed before me, which was what I looked forward to every day.

It was as if seeing me had the power to push back the demons that occasionally looked out of her eyes. I’ve spied her to try extra hard to do so with others. With me, it was no struggle. She threw her bony arms around me and crushed me to her chest.

“My baby girl! My heart and my strength.” She murmured into my hair. I clung to her, anxious that something or someone would try to take her away from me.

“Mama, did something happen to you? Why do you look so sad?” I asked and searched her eyes for answers.

“Yes, my love! Of course, something happened. You happened. Why! See how big and pretty you’ve become.” She teased.

She complained every time that I was too old to be carried. But that day she picked me up and walked us back to the house. I wrapped my hands tightly around her neck, happy and contented.


My mother was unable to answer any questions. The doctors and nurses left her not too long ago to run tests after poking and prodding. Her brown skin was tough from working in harsh conditions, and I winced every single time they stuck a needle into it. Her face was lined with wrinkles. She was still beautiful, even now, hooked up to machines that whined and beeped.

She stirred and immediately I was by her side. Her eyes opened slowly, confused at first until they focused on me, and her face – I didn’t realize I was holding my breath – it transformed. The magic was still there. I kissed her hand fighting to hold back my tears. I didn’t want her to see how worried I was.

“Where are we?” She asked and gestured with her other hand at the room.

The people that brought her to the hospital said she fainted in a cab.

“It’s alright, you are fine.” I said as I stroked her fine grey hair.

“Tell me what happened. Why am we in the yhospital?”

“Well, because I happened.” I teased, unable to help myself.

“See how smart and beautiful your daughter is. Congratulations! You are a very lucky woman.”

She laughed softly and I felt very proud of myself for it at that moment.

My mother is the strongest woman I know. I have faith that she’ll beat the sickness with the same doggedness she put into making life better for us against all odds. Whatever the doctors say is the outcome of her test result, she’ll have me by her side.

It will be as always, just the two of us.

Photo Credit: Pexels



If ever I need to move on to the next level but get stuck trying to take that pivotal step, I acknowledge that you’ll find me, toss me off that cliff, and watch me fly. Glad to have you. 💗 Hey guys! Jesam is back! 😊😊😀


“How do I spell ‘Jesam’?”

“J-E-S-A-M”, she said.

Her voice calling out those alphabets were my earliest memory of her.

I remember the smile on her face as she slowly spelled out my name in a bid to have me join her.

But I didn’t. I was just happy to put a face to the voice I had come to know as “mommy”.

I was just happy to put a face to the voice I had come to know as “mommy”.

She’s been my biggest cheerleader and best friend for more than 20 years. She knew me completely and how to get to me…

Which made it weird that Saturday when she woke up and called me “Justin”.

I didn’t make much of it and smiled if off; it wasn’t that big a deal. But it kept happening.

Now in the cab going home trying to…

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