On How To Tell Stories Of Hope


“Please!” I said dryly, “Today will be the same as yesterday. You don’t believe me? Look up. I have been walking for miles and that cloud over there, yes, that one. That cloud has not moved from its position. You don’t believe me? There’s nothing wrong with my eyes.”

I was talking to myself.


I was walking in the midst of thousands of people, but not one of them noticed me. How long ago was it when I first opened my eyes in this world? I had lost count of the days.

“Comot for road,” a voice said roughly behind me.

I barely managed to move out of the way before a woman brushed past me. I said that I was sorry, but I wasn’t sure who it was meant for – me or the woman.


She saw me?

She touched me?

I didn’t think it was possible after all the time I spent wandering and searching for anybody who could understand me, or even see me.

The embers of hope in my lifeless chest bloomed into warmth as I craned my neck to see which direction she went, but the crowd had swallowed her up. I didn’t despair. What I thought was impossible had happened and I believed that anything was possible.

With renewed vigor I plunged into the crowed in search of the woman who could tell me who I was and why I was here.


I wrote this story because it represented how I felt all day. I got something that I’ve wanted for a long time, but I may not be able to keep it. Just like the person in the story, I felt numb and helpless.

Which was why wrote the ending the way I did. I hope that I’ll be able to find a way to overcome my situation. I want nothing more than for the main character in the story to find that woman and find the answers to all of her questions. I was more than happy to keep hope alive.

Enough of the doom and gloom!

What’s important to me is that nothing is set in stone. I know that the story can change and that’s why I won’t let the situation of today cloud the hope for tomorrow.

And the same goes for you.

Just remember that you can always choose how you interpret the story, no matter the situation. You can choose to see the situation from a different perspective, hope that things get better, fight to stay positive in a world full of negativity and brace yourself for whatever the outcome may be.

#Day 6 My Journal Series.

A Prayer


Let us gather here and with our eyes closed, envision the truest form of happiness we have ever experienced. Now we'll ask for more of it. In that moment our hearts slowly let go of pain, doubt, heartache and fear. We do not wish it as much as we will it. We claim joy to be ours.

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