TTS# Drawing Happiness and Becoming Better by Chinenye

Life is really funny. Previously, my biggest challenge was starting a blog, and now it’s trying to keep up with my blog. I don’t even want to talk about where my head has been these days. They say most writers write from experience, theirs or others. For me, a lot of what I write comes from my experiences. I’ve come to realize that it takes a lot of effort for me not to translate my emotions and thoughts into my work. Not everything that I write is doom and gloom but as humans the things that hurt us tend to cling the most. Well, I have good news to chase away the bad vibes. I covered a bridal shower last week and it was so much fun. Also, the pictures I took turned out to be awesome and I got great feedback from the client. I know I mostly put up pictures I took with my phone but I’ll make an exception today. The good news is that I’ll be sharing the images I took from the bridal shower at the end of the interview. I’m so excited that I’m getting better at photography and look forward to breaking records😂

Today’s guest is Chinenye, and she’s one of a kind. I call her Tiney (she’s got ropes for limbs) and I’ve known her for the longest time – watched her grow into a lovely woman. Her favorite thing to do is to draw. She’s got that arty vibes and the attitude. I remember that she could nap for about nine hours and still wake up grouchy. Wow! However, for a very long time, sleeping was a form of coping mechanism for her. The more time she spent sleeping, the less time she had to deal with people and reality in general. I’m glad that she has come so far, and have let more people in. She’s one of my best girls, and I’m always rooting for her. Nenye is also a foodie, eat with her to your detriment. She taught herself to play the guitar – her elfin hands can also play magic on drums – and she now has a special way of loving people that’s open and enduring.❤️

Q. Can you introduce yourself and what you do?

A. My name is Uzomah Faith Chinenye. The 5th child of the Uzomaki clan. I just graduated – so I want to believe (I’ve got no idea what’s next). I studied Fine Arts and Design at the University of Portharcourt, Rivers state.

Chinenyenwa Faith Uzomah

Q. Why did you study your course and would you rather study something else?

A. I have always wanted to draw since I was little because it made me happy ☺. What I mean is, when I’m happy, I draw, and when I’m not happy (sad) I also, draw. Actually my happiness features a great deal in why I chose to draw 😁. I would have loved to study nothing else but Fine Art.

Q. What have you accomplished so far that has made you proud?

A. I’m not so adventurous, to be honest. I don’t like taking risks. I’m a very careful somebody. What can I say is my accomplishment? Well, I got through school. I’m living a better life spiritually, and I’m so overwhelmed by it. I got to be more social and well, I didn’t get fat 😁. I’m proud of my family. They never made the distance noticeable. They are awesome!

Q. Can you share the time when you were certain it was what you wanted to do?

A. Uhm, what can I say about this? It was when I wrote JAMB, which was, fortunately, the period screening was introduced to schools. I felt that it was a sign because I was very nervous and unsure of how I’d perform if post utme had eventually happened. I thought I may not have gotten admission in that case – I was so scared! 😂 😂. I remember that when I saw my JAMB result I started crying. My fear of post utme was real. Then the first and second lists for admissions came out I just taya because I didn’t see my name. My older brother wanted me to come live with him so that I could prepare to sit for another JAMB but I turned down his offer. I was also working at that time and I was convinced that I would still gain admission regardless. I was also advised to take up another course of study at another University which I considered it, and it made me cry a lot. Eventually, the third list came out, and my name was on the list (at last😅). The best thing was that I got what I applied for, Fine Arts and Design. I remember laughing coz’ in my heart of hearts, I no get the strength to write JAMB again, abeg). Another thing that made me certain was the peace I got while praying over my admission when I despaired. The peace was the confirmation before every other thing happened – I gladly cut my hair as I would be starting a new life, in a new place 😂😂.

Q. What do you feel is the difference between living and existing?

A. Well first would be the spelling! Second, to live for me is to complete a cause/course. To live! There is always something to do or something to finish. Meanwhile, to exist is to be a tool 😑. If the carpenter uses a hammer to drive in a nail, who did the actual work? Shey, you get? The person who exists makes no difference or even an effort – just does nothing. But a person who is living is doing something, has a certain goal, and makes a plan on how to get to it.

Chinenye Faith Uzomah sitting in her faculty
Chinenyenwa Faith Uzomah

Q. What is your reaction when people criticize/judge you?

A. Ah! First I die! I have tried all kinds of positive thinking to counter what I hear people say about me, but e no work. It used to be that I would think and think – still do sometimes – and this would make me sad and try to meet up people’s expectations. The more I did, the more empty I felt. There were times I formed introvert sef, that was worse gan. Sometimes I would lash out and leave my tormentors (or were they assassins) scarred. No matter what I did though, it didn’t just feel right. These days, I believe I’m being helped by the Good Lord to not take to heart what people say. I’m breaking out from the former way I dealt with criticism and judgment. I always pray for my own heart, and also for wisdom to direct me. IT HAS BEEN THE BEST AND ONLY SOLUTION FOR ME.😁 Therefore, I’ll stick to the Good Lord.

Q. What do you appreciate about yourself and what would you like to change?

A. I appreciate the fact that God is intentional about my life and I’m responding to him. I appreciate the fact that I can now sincerely talk about the changes that have happened in my life. Nowadays, I accept that I’m wrong😂 my family knows how I like to defend myself whether right or wrong – that’s vewi badt – but I’m getting better at being wise concerning these things sha😂. What I will love to change about myself is the fear of uncertainties.

Q. What two things do you think of the most each day and why?

A. To be very very honest, what I think of is how I can please God and how well. Why? (call me a freak, I kuku have explained what my reaction would be if I am being bad-mouthed). It’s been God and I through school (so shall it be forevermore. Haters die! 😈) and I have been receiving help from him. What I must do and what not to do. Where I should go and where not to go. Who I should keep and who I shouldn’t. How I should not worry so much about family, because God’s got them, and so on. Many people have a lot to say about this, but it is what works for me and I’ll stick to it. Abi now?

Q. What superpowers would you like to have and why?

A. Lol, see me see case! Wetin Musa no go see for gate? 😂 😂 Oh well, I can’t pick reading people’s minds because I suspect I’ll die of migraine. I choose, uhm 🤔having the ability to answer all questions (is that even considered a superpower?) Why? Well, you said I should tell you what powers I’d like to have but I’ve never given it any thought before. All I have, I give to you 😂. I felt like I just had to say something.

I have always wanted to draw since I was little because it made me happy ☺. What I mean is, when I’m happy, I draw, and when I’m not happy (sad) I also, draw. Actuality my happiness features a great deal in why I chose to draw 😁. I would have loved to study nothing else but Fine Art.

Chinenye Uzomah on Thursday Talk Series

Q. If you could, what’s the one thing you’d change about the world?

A. Uhm, one change can affect many other things. It’s something to think properly over, and I think my time with you is up 😂 😂. If I must answer sha, the one thing I’ll change is myself. 😁 A better me, a better world.

Thank you Chinenye (Tiney) for the interview😂 Congratulations on your graduation 🎓 and next time we’ll share your work. Thank you all for being here. Have a lovely weekend. Bye!

Bridal Shower Images

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