Welcome to Waking Dreams – Unmasked.

You are a lot like me if you have dreams that you wish to become your reality. Dreams that take shape behind your eyes, while walking down the street, eating at a restaurant, hanging out with friends, curled up in bed, or inside the pages of a book. Well, I’m excited to have you here.

Here’s how it started…

Hi there!

I’m Priscillia but in this space, I prefer to be called Rigozo. I am a book lover, creative writer, and photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria. I believe that plantain is the best food in the world. Although I don’t understand a lot of things, I like to learn new things. I started blogging because I wanted to improve my writing skills and share stories and pictures with other people – masks off. One thing led to another and now this space is much more than my sanctuary. It’s a memoir of the life I’m living and dreaming of.

I’ve been taking pictures for so long, and I’ve been a professional photographer for about a year now. It’s been a dream of mine to have a showroom. I’ve got a lot of pictures, lol.

Waking dreams is an experience that you have when you are wide awake but feels like a dream – It’s okay to dream with your eyes wide open.


I started an interview series that allows me to connect with amazing people. I call it Thursday Talk Series.