Thursday Talk Series | How Bukkie Balances Life And Work


If this is your first time here, I’m excited to welcome you to Thursday Talk Series. And to all the ancients, I hope the week hasn’t been too rough for you. Sometimes we take for granted how normal and boring life can be, until excitement comes our way and makes a complete mess of things. It’s the reason why a lot of times during the week I had to consciously talk myself into being productive. I said to myself, “If it’s important to you, you’ll do it.” Several instances surfaced where I deviated from that mantra and I was faced with unforeseen consequences. So yeah, boing is nice too. On the upside, I have a couple of new projects due and I’m pretty pumped about them. One of them is setting up an Instagram account for my blog | @iamrigozo (I’m swimming in shark-infested waters) and hopefully I’m up for the challenge 😂😂. I’ll keep y’all posted.

Alright, today we have Oluwabukola (Bukkie) with us and she’s the kind of woman you’d want on your team (I know this because we go way back, and the first time we met, we played tag team to get hostel rooms and we won). Fun fact: She walks with a spring in her step like she’s listening to music, and is about to do a pirouette. Bukky shows dedication to the people she cares about and the things that matter to her, and all of her quiet determination is wrapped up in an outer bubble of refinement and chic. I’m certain she’s the type to plan and execute a heist, while she’s playing host to a crowded room of dignitaries, policing people’s fashion, and sipping champagne (it’s the imagery for me). I’m over the moon that I got to interview her🥰🥰

Q. Can you introduce yourself and what you do?

A. My name is Oluwabukola Adebo and I’m from the southwestern part of Nigeria, Ekiti to be precise. I am currently working for a financial organization where I am largely into client relations and management.

Adebo Oluwabukola

Q. Why do you do your job, and would you rather do something else?

A. Well, like I said earlier, I’m client-facing,  primarily involved in customer service, and my work relatively is meeting new people, understanding their issues, and proffering solutions; in general it’s relationship management at its core. Well, at the beginning of my career, I initially wanted to work in investment banking, I felt it went with the course I studied which was Economics but now it’s like every year I come up with something new to do. One thing that I’ve been interested in is fashion and décor. I love putting clothes together and creating beautiful spaces. Mostly I would like to be a successful businesswoman.

Q. What do you appreciate about yourself and what would you like to change?

A. Well, I’m grateful for the fact that I have come this far with work despite the many times I have quit in my head, and though each day seems like it’s tough, mentally I’ve grown tougher. Also, I’ve grown closer to my friends and built strong and long-lasting relationships over the years. I would like to break through my fear, because I feel like I could be so much more without it. Likewise, I’d like to stop procrastinating most of the things I have planned, and change it from DO IT LATER to DO IT NOW.

Q. If money was not relevant, what would you do all day?

A. I would most likely read a lot of books, travel and vlog about the places I’ve been to, probably write a bit and watch lots of sappy love movies. But honestly for me to live freely, I would need financial freedom, so at the end of the day money is still important.

Q. What do you feel you take for granted and how does it affect you?

A. Honestly, right now I cherish the things that I have but if I had to pick something I would say the new friends I’m getting close to. I’m terrible at returning missed calls so if you don’t know me well, you’ll take offense; some people couldn’t get past it. However, I’m making strides to correct that behavior.

Q. What have you accomplished so far that has made you proud?

A. Well, this is tough but I would say the fact that I’ve been able to create a work and life balance; being applauded at my Job for doing amazing work and at the same time getting awarded at the completion of my professional exams. It was unexpected but it felt good nonetheless. So, generally I’m grateful for growth on all sides.

Q. What two things do you think of the most each day and why?

A. Well, the thoughts that I have to vary based on the seasons in my life. Currently, it would be the, “What am I going to the next,” if I take away all the financial pursuit and seriousness from life, primarily because I want to be free, not necessarily unemployed, but not bound to the policies of office culture. Also, I like to think of the clothes I’m supposed to wear the next day, I’m usually torn between turning up in all black or doing something colorful.

Q. What’s your idea of real success and how can it be achieved?

A. For me, real success hits when you have self-fulfillment. It doesn’t mean you have to be super wealthy or own the most houses, but if you’re genuinely happy, peaceful, and comfortable doing what matters to you, surrounded by people you love and who love you, it makes a lot of difference. I don’t think there’s a strict rule to achieving success, there are some definite things one should do like being intentional, disciplined etc, but at the end of the day what pattern works best for you is what you subscribe to.

Q. What’s the one thing you think that should be taught in school about choosing a career that isn’t?

A. I would say financial management, not necessarily at its core but the art of being an entrepreneur should be emphasized. Most schools teach children how to work for people and not for themselves. I think it’s more important that kids are sensitized from a young age that they can be whoever they want to be, that are there are no limits to success. In addition, extracurricular activities should be promoted, kids should be allowed to express themselves.

I don’t think there’s a strict rule to achieving success, there are some definite things one should do like being intentional, disciplined etc, but at the end of the day what pattern works best for you is what you subscribe to.

Oluwabukola Adebo on Thursday Talk Series

Q. What is that thing that you see as an obstacle which can stop you from having success?

A. Well erhm, I would say I’m my biggest motivation but I think some personality traits hold me back, I’m a very reserved person and with the way the world is moving, people who speak up are more recognized, so I need to break through that barrier of being timid and be more outspoken.

Thank you so much Bukkie for the interview and know that I’m rooting for you (we all are, right guys?) I’m also grateful to everyone for being here. Hope you have a brilliant Thursday.

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Confessions of A Naija Tailor

The job is hard; some clients are mad; music helps; food is important; it’s okay to be tired; ask questions; do your best; don’t waste energy on grudges; study and pay attention; nobody is perfect; some people achieve perfection; stay strong; don’t procrastinate; everybody is still learning; if you work with a team, pay attention to them; practice; don’t lose focus.

Fashion is an art; it is highly subjective; be inspired by everything around you; build your skill; speed is key; keep with the details; your boss may make you cry or treat you nice; eat more; rest while you can; stay hydrated; you can get amped on carbonated/caffeinated drinks; don’t do drugs; give value; fall in love with your project and it will show in your work; listen to more music; crack lame jokes; sex jokes feature in most settings; self deprecation is allowed; laugh out loud; laugh all the same; understand that amendment is the devil’s work; know your worth.

‘You are what you wear’ – does not apply in most cases; know your fabrics; use the scissors wisely; yes, the measuring tape is multipurpose – whip, rope, belt, and more; every tool can serve as a weapon – try not to hurt yourself; iron every stitch – nothing fun about it; don’t expect everybody to appreciate what you do; it is tough; take out your anger on the mannequins; be creative and spontaneous; get rid of negative vibes; be patient, leave the radio on; when in doubt – stop, eat, reflect and try again.

Start a business, save; invest your time and money; keep practicing; wear what you feel comfortable in; don’t cuss your clients to their faces; your health is important; the machines are out to get you most days; clean up the mess you make; don’t strain your eyes; remember there’s a lot of sharp and pointy things at your disposal; stay inspired; focus is key (there are a lot of keys); neat work equals happy client; make work fun; style yourself; sometimes you’ll end up looking like a hobo; say no to self mutilation; clamp down on the mania; fight depression; stay positive.

See weakness as strength; you’ve a limit, push through with utmost care; the best things in life don’t come easy – makes a lot of sense; a good number of suppliers can be mad; learn how to negotiate, it’s a crazy world; glory in your small wins; it’s okay to feel down; it’s not okay to work on an empty stomach; feel free to poke holes into offending parties; find your rhythm; don’t be scared to fail; try again and again and again; fashion is subjective right – you can create a masterpiece when you least expect it, right?

Most times you’ll threaten to quit; on a really bad day you’d probably walk out the door and never come back; watch a movie or play with your dog/cat; again if you make a mistake, fix it sooner rather than later; don’t hesitate to ask for help; YouTube will be your best buddy; eat, guys! – food is fuel; nobody cares about how hard you try, they are more interested in the result; dance if all else fails, that’s why you keep the music playing; ‘you don’t know until you try’ applies to everything; there’s dignity in the work you do; treat your clients well; don’t rule out therapy.

Photo credit: Pexels