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My week? Well, it wasn’t bad but I really don’t want to talk about it. Today’s rant will be about something different. Can somebody please tell me how is it possible that we are in August, less than five months before we tell 2021 bye- bye. Was it not just yesterday we were all welcoming the new year? Because the year’s drawing to a close already. It’s happening, and I expect it will still throw surprises our way in the typical fashion of our world, and maybe I’m freaking out like the Barca fans because the future’s muddied with unforeseen events, but can you blame me? I’m aware that it’s no new phenomenon that time passes (flows with the natural order of the universe) but I’m known to be dramatic like that. What of you? How do you feel about the world year coming to an end? Leave a comment.

Okay, for today’s interview, we have a real OG, literally. Meet Samuel but everyone calls him OG Mage or Mage (His real name has been shelved for all of eternity). People say they know who they are and are comfortable with it, but not everyone who says this is able to show it. Mage however is the former; his aura alone speaks that he knows what he’s all about and he’s not shy to show it. From dominating a room to paying attention to the littlest details, he balances nerd and swag so well (imagine if Peter Parker got over his social awkwardness). Mage is also passionate about the things that he loves and he shares it recklessly with the people he cares about (he really can’t help it😂) and it’s so interesting to watch him in his element. Shall we?

Q. Can you introduce yourself and what you do?

A. My name Samuel Ogaba. But nobody calls me any of that, lol. On these streets, I’m know as “Mage”, “OG” or “OG Mage”. I know, I know… it’s a long story. I am from Benue State, Nigeria. The second of five children (I have an elder brother and three sisters). I’m a Software Engineer (At least that’s what my employment letter says). I work with a Canadian SaaS company. In reality, I’m a creator. I like to create things and Software was just another channel to create. But, when I’m not writing code or doing software related stuff, you’d find me Making music (writing, composing, recording, mixing and mastering etc.); indulging in creative arts (I draw, paint and meddle with some other art forms) and gaming (I’m definitely trying to go pro with this);

Samuel Ogaba (Mage) in a park
OG Mage Samuel Ogaba

Q. Why do you do your job, and would you rather do something else?

A. Like I said, I’m a Software Engineer. I’d rather be living the baby boy life and collecting royalties from the things I’ve created but the universe is delaying my application for that. 😒
Honestly, I’d rather be an artist, in all forms I’m capable of. But Software pays the bills so who am I to complain.

Q. What is the best thing about what you do?

A. Best thing about Software is how it creates solutions to individual and business needs. I believe everyone has received some form of value from software. Being able to read this write-up online is an example.

Mage on his way to work as a Software Engineer

Q. What kind of people do you allow into your circle?

A. You’d find that the people in my very small circle are like-minds with positive energy who are always willing to support and uplift each other. My friends are family.

Q. What do you appreciate about yourself and what would you like to change?

A. The thing I appreciate most about myself is my resilience, persistence, and positive attitude towards life in general. I amaze myself sometimes. I also appreciate the fact that I’m intellectually endowed. ☺️😎.

Q. Do you think we have a greater purpose or are we just waiting for our turn to die?

A. I can’t say for certain, but while I’m alive I intend to live life to the fullest and make sure that my kids have a better life than I do.

Q. If money was not relevant, what would you do all day?

A. Travel. Make music. Create Art. Find new food recipes to attempt. And play games 🤓

Q.What’s your idea of real success and how can it be achieved?

A. I don’t think I have my own “idea” of success per se. But if I set out to do something, and I accomplish that thing, that is success. I don’t need to succeed on a grand scale to be successful, I think. But that’s just my take. One thing is, I definitely don’t directly associate money with success unless what you set out to do, is make money. I think money is a side effect of the things we do. So I focus on making impact and creating value and that creates wealth, I think. So, in this rambling of mine, I’d say, my “idea” of success would be how much positive impact I’m able to make, while I’m here and when I’m gone.

Q. What’s your biggest complaint about the country?

A. The irresponsibility of our leaders. There are more detailed problems in the country, but I believe our leaders are major enablers of our problems while at the same time, not being subject to it. The country is starting to choke the people and we continuously have to learn to adapt to inconveniences until that’s all we know.

Mage at an outdoor event

I don’t need to succeed on a grand scale to be successful, I think. But that’s just my take. One thing is, I definitely don’t directly associate money with success unless what you set out to do, is make money…So I focus on making impact and creating value and that creates wealth, I think.

Samuel Ogaba (OG Mage) on Thursday Talk Series

Q. If like a movie your life up to this point is played for you to watch, describe how you’d feel about it?

A. Make no mistake, it WILL be a cringe fest 😬… I don’t think I want to re-watch myself make all those bad decisions, relationships and corniness 😂. But, It’ll definitely make a killer move for everybody else. Maybe I’ll write an autobiography one day. For anyone who’s interested in finding out more about my boring self, look up @ogmageofficial on IG, and @ogmageofficial on twitter 👀 (yes, twitter 😎).

Thank you Mage for the interview, it’s my pleasure to have you here and good luck with creating. For everyone reading this, arigatou and thank you. Have a terrific Thursday.

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