Day 23 – Guilt


Is the life of a man mapped so that he unfailingly fails?

Or the dream of perfection forever lost in the waking moments?

And what are consequences if not the casualties of actions

I hid my misdeeds beneath layers of lies and deceit

It shunned the revealing light caused darkness to grow implicit

With time I learned how to do tricks and illusions

sufficient to grow my sleeves longer whenever I draw a cut

while I mask the dread and bereavement with my smiles

If my fate had been read and so revealed the future that is now

Why… I would have recoiled in righteous horror

And so I fashioned a barrow for my guilt

of blood, bone, and tissue this prison I built

Without mercy, I drowned my conscience in filthy water

And turned deaf ears to the voices that cried for retribution

This guilt is the cross that I’m burdened with for all of eternity

A torment that weighs me down and sinks my soul in despair

Photo Credit: Pexels

#Day 23 of 30 days writing challenge – Not Enough Writers

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