Day 17 – Box (Part 1)


‘What are you looking at?’ I asked my boyfriend, Kitan, as I walked into the living room.

He was pulling something out of a basket filled with junk.

‘Is that you babe?’ He asked.

‘Yes, it’s me. Were you expecting anybody else?’ I rolled my eyes.

He pulled out a box, gave me a cheeky smile, and moved to the couch.

‘Hahaha, very funny. Come and see for yourself. I found this in the storage room while I was in there with Fred…’

‘What were you and my maniac of a cousin doing in the storage room?’ I moved closer to him.

‘If you let me finish talking, you’ll find out. We were just….’

‘Is that the family pictures you’ve got there?’ I squeaked.

‘Smh. That’s what’s written on the box, right? It’s so heavy. Wow! Must be hundreds of pictures in here.’ Kitan started to open the box

‘Stop! Don’t open it.’ I shrieked.


‘Just don’t open it okay. Give it here.’ Kitan pulled his hands back as I tried to reach for the box.

Fred came in just as I climb on top of Kitan to get to the box and the pictures within.

‘What the hell guys. Get a room.’ He made gagging noises.

‘Give me the box.’ I growled at Kitan, ignoring my cousin.

‘Ah-ha! I told you that she would flip if she sees it, but you didn’t believe me.’ Fred said.

‘Bloody rascal…you say a lot of things, and it’s a lot safer not to trust a word that comes out of your mouth. Humenah will you get off me already. Why don’t you want me to see what’s inside the box?’

I struggled the more to get the box but Kitan managed to crawl out from under me.

‘I can tell you.’ Fred offered.

‘Shut up your mouth, Fred.’

I panicked. In that box, Kitan would find truths about myself that I was not yet ready to reveal.

Part 2

#Day 17 of 30 days writing challenge – Not Enough Writers

Photo Credit: Pexels

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