Day 10 – Future (Part 1)


So, you’re from the future? Ogechi asked

‘That’s right.’ Kay answered.

‘I don’t believe you.’ Ogechi pointed a finger close to his face. ‘You are trying to prank me. Is this is the new level of 419 in Lagos?’

Kay sighed.

They were in the school’s library and Ogechi’s loud voice was attracting unwanted attention.

‘Keep your voice down.’ Kay hissed. ‘I’m not trying to scam you. I’m from the future – the year 2022.’ Kay said.

‘Must be hard to say twenty-twenty-two,’ Ogechi said the last part slowly like she was suffering from brain damage.

‘What’s your point?’

‘Ahem! Nothing.’

Ogechi watched as Kay flipped the pages of his book with long manicured nails. Ever since they met at the Conference Centre on orientation day, they had become fast friends. She had observed that there was something different about him. In fact, everything about Kay made him stand out, and not just because he looked way cooler than everyone else in their set – and in the school.

‘Do people become stupid in the future?’ Ogechi asked after several minutes had passed.

‘I don’t understand your question.’ Kay replied.

‘Either all humans become stupid in the future or you are the exception. No offense.’

Kay looked up from his book. Sometimes Ogechi confused him. She was frank and had no filter in her mouth, but she would never talk about anybody behind their back. She was also bossy, but she had the kindest heart. Today she had finally succeeded in getting the truth out of him, but she’d said she didn’t believe him. Next, she’s asking weird questions about the future. Are all women a bit crazy or is Ogechi one of a kind?

‘Well, I’m offended.’ Kay said.

‘No, vex. It’s just that, I don’t understand why you are here. Of all the places in the world you could have visited in the past, you chose here. 2009 in Nigeria – the era of suicide bombings. Is Boko Haram a joke to you?’

‘First, keep your voice down. They’ll send us out of this place or even ban us for life. Second, I told you earlier, I have some things to do here. And no, I can’t tell you what it is. Please, I beg you, Ogechi. Stop asking difficult questions.’

‘Alright. Guy, be calming down. Just tell me what you can.’ Ogechi said as if he was the one harassing her.

One day he promised himself that he would shake her until all her teeth fall out.

A few hours later…

They were at the cafeteria and had ordered their usual rice and beans, with fried plantain and fish. Ogechi was stealing his plantain like the criminal that she was.

‘Tell me more about the Apocalypse abi Pandemic.’ Ogechi said after stuffing another of his plantain into her mouth without any permission.

‘Lol. It’s pandemic, and stop eating my plantain you this small thief. By the way, I thought you don’t believe me.’

‘There’s love in sharing. Our elders say that he who eats alone, die alone.’

‘Oya share your own plantain.’

Ogechi hit Kay’s hand as he reached for her plate.


‘Although I don’t believe you, I have to confess that I’m intrigued by your stories. You have a crazy imagination, you this boy.’


Ogechi rolled her eyes.

‘I’m not supposed to be telling you these things. I don’t know how it would affect the future…’

‘Talk joor.’ Ogechi snapped.

‘Okay…you self be calming down. Let me finish eating and I’ll tell you.’

Part two

#Day 10 of 30 days writing challenge – Not Enough Writers

Photo Credit: Pexels

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