Day 9 – Late


I jump into the shower and jump out in record time.

I’m late. Today of all days.

And it’s not like I woke up late. In fact, I woke up before my alarm.

I’m in this predicament because last night I tossed and turned for hours before I eventually found sleep – only for me to have a disturbing dream that chased the sleep away.

To pass the time until I had to get ready for work, I opened Instagram, and before I knew it, the sun was already greeting me.

I am in a foul mood. Coupled with my lack of sleep, I’m going to be late on my first day of work. Just great!

After brushing my teeth, I rush into my room. To be precise, I rub my body cream on only the parts of my body that my clothes won’t cover – I skip my torso entirely.

As I look around for said clothes my alarm rings to remind me to get out of the house. Feeling dejected I curse the makers of smartphones and all the people on social media.

I find everything I need, except for my bra.

Where’s my bra?

Where did I keep my bra?

‘Maybe you put it on the single chair in the room when you came in last night,’ my mind offers.

Okay! I check the chair but I still can’t find it – no bra. I try to push the panic that is rising in my chest away.

I dive onto my bed to look for it, tossing clothes aside like a crazy person. I check under the pillows – no bra…no bra.

I flop on the bed like a fish out of water. This cannot be happening. Where’s my bra for God’s sake? I am close to tears now.

I have other bras I can wear, but the one that is MIA is my most comfortable bra, and that’s what I want today.

I move from the bed to the floor to continue the search.

Why did this bra choose today to move mad? Why?

And why is nobody smart enough to come up with a device that can locate missing things?

Why did James, my so-called boyfriend, not call me this morning to wish me good luck on my first day of work?

If I don’t go to work today, will HR understand that it was not my fault?

Must I even work for a living?

I just want to relax and be taken care of, but being broke is not sexy at all.

#Day 9 of 30 days writing challenge – Not Enough Writers

Photo Credit: Pexels

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