Thursday Talk Series |Chike Ibekwe Talks About All The Things He Likes

Hello folks. Been a minute. December is here. Happy new month! Feliz Navidad! Yeah, I’m crazy about this season. I’ll be putting a wallpaper below, everything cute, cat and Christmas. Many more more to come.

So the other day my brother asked me, “How do you stop yourself from getting angry?” To tell the truth, I haven’t been asked that question before, so it took me a couple of seconds to answer. Maybe, just maybe, I would like to believe that I can control my anger to a degree. But…there have been instances when I threw my hands up, and just unleashed the dragon. Still, I will share in my next post the answer I gave him on how I manage my anger and why it works for me. Until then, have you ever paid attention to how you deal with anger? Give it some thought and leave your comments below.

In today’s interview, I’ll like to introduce Chike. He’s a longtime friend, and like his famous namesake, he’s the boo of the booless. Several long years have passed since I first met him, and he has never let me forget that I snubbed him when he approached me. In my defense, I was engrossed in a book and he was asking me one yeye question.😂 Also, let it be known that he was the first to be interviewed in person. I’ll also drop a snippet of the audio interview below.

Yes! This is a huge one for me and it feels right to come back with it. Chike always has a smile to give, and being around him eases your stress away. An attentive tutor, musician, photographer, and creative genius.

Q. Can you introduce yourself and what you do?

A. Hi, my name is Chike Ibekwe. Some people call me Chikonene but I have given myself Damian Cole. People have asked me how I got the name, well, I saw it online and thought to myself, “This name is fine,” and now I’m Damian Cole Chike (DCC angles). I’m a photographer in the making. and like I always say, even if I work for ten years as a photographer for the likes of Buhari and Queen Elizabeth, I’ll still be a photographer in the making. Another thing I do is teach (home lessons) because I’m smart you know. I teach both old and young. I’m funny and I can also sing and drum (I do paid gigs).

Chike Ibekwe Talks About The Things He Likes on Thursday Talk Series

Q. Why do you do your job, and would you rather do something else?

A. Like I mentioned earlier, I do not do just one thing in particular. I can wake up and choose to take pictures of the bridge and if the image turns out good, I’ll be like wow, awesome. Also, when the students I tutor are showing signs of improvement, it makes me happy. I feel confident in the work that I do because I know that I can perform well. The same goes for when I sing or play the drums. I derive immense satisfaction from the things I do and for now, I don’t think I’d rather do something else.

Q. When have you felt like giving up?

A. I work with a photographer friend of mine. However, I’m still learning and so my hands are not steady yet. There was one time we had a proposal scheduled here in Lagos, but my friend had to be in Abuja. He told me that I would have to cover the proposal all by myself. And the proposal wasn’t in a fancy bright place. If it was, I could expect that every shot I would take would look great because of the environment. Instead, it was planned at a cinema, and you know poor lighting. I wanted to tell my friend, “I can’t do it, I don’t think this is for me.” I wasn’t confident. Although I eventually did it, and it turned out well, that was one of the times I ever felt anxious and wanted to give up. So, whenever I find myself in a situation, whether singing or tutoring, and I’m faced with what seems like a mad challenge, I want to run away – those are the times I felt like giving up – but I still do it.

Q. If money was not relevant, what would you do all day?

A. If money was irrelevant and I have everything that I wanted, I would hang out with my friends. There’ll be food and drinks, and even a swimming pool. We’ll grab a keyboard, grab drums or whatever instrument we find, and spend the time singing and worshiping. We’ll talk, laugh, get in each other’s faces, and just have fun. I like having people around.

Q. When do you feel the most confident about your work?

A. When I don’t have to assert myself or do a lot of physical work but trust in my skill and mental ability to do a good job, that’s the time I’m most confident about my work. It was the case at the last party we covered where I was shooting effortlessly. Somebody walked up to me and said she has been watching me and was wondering if I was shooting or just chilling. I showed her the images I took and she was wowed by them. Even when I teach because in the end it can be left or right. Whenever my effort is reflected in their results I feel confident.

Chike Ibekwe Talks About The Things He Likes on Thursday Talk Series

Q. What two things do you think of the most each day and why?

A. My hairline. Gaddem! My hairline. Every time. Even today I saw it and I was wondering if it was going inside or coming out. To think that five years ago it looked like this. Well, they did not give birth to me with a front hairline. The second one well there are a lot but mostly my virginity. I’m just trying to be funny because I know there are other things that I think about. But I think about this like, I’m 27, guy! I can sit down and just start thinking about it. I mean it’s not like I have never been close to a woman, I have. And I’ve been at the stage when it is about to happen, but I run. I run. I think about it every time.

Q. What kind of people do you allow into your circle?

A. I’m almost like a sanguine. We that we’re sanguine we allow everybody inside. Just anybody as long as you have good vibes. I don’t like people that are full of themselves or pretentious. I like humble people – that are down to earth. I also don’t care for people who are quick to cast blame instead of looking for the way forward. So that’s how I filter people, if not I allow everybody in.

Q. Do you think we have a greater purpose or are we just waiting for our turn to die?

A. This is the third thing I think about all the time. I mean I see good people die all around me of natural death, I see the lives of Christians and innocent people wasted by the Boko Haram. I’ve heard people say that God does not make the attempt to help people out and I sit down to contemplate if this is true. Are we here just to mark time and die. I think if God knows the end from the beginning what is the whole point of creating the world? Why let us have to choose between heaven and hell? Because it’s hard. Living is very hard. I still believe in God and I’m a Christian but I question existence all the time.

Q. What is that thing that you see as an obstacle which can stop you from having success?

A. Women. Some men lie to themselves and say that women are not an issue for them but I know myself. I’m at the point where I’m sure that success is coming and I’m sure that if I don’t have a woman in my life like a girlfriend or wife then, hehe. I have an affinity for females and even if I don’t approach them, they’ll approach me. It’s the way I am. That connection with ladies will cause something to happen. I’ll be like Samson, I’ll have to run away from all the Delilahs. Also, my mind. Because I strongly believe in myself. If I’m eating corn on the street and people are looking at me, I’ll continue eating the corn because my mind says I shouldn’t care. But once I begin to care about it then it becomes a problem. So my mind and women.

Chike Ibekwe Talks About The Things He Likes on Thursday Talk Series

I derive immense satisfaction from the things I do and for now, I don’t think I’d rather do something else…I like humble people – that are down to earth. I also don’t care for people who are quick to cast blame instead of looking for the way forward. So that’s how I filter people, if not I allow everybody in.

Chile Ibekwe on Thursday Talk Series

Q. What’s the one thing you think that should be taught in school about choosing a career that isn’t?

A. Money and Passion. You are teaching a person mathematics and the person has a talent for horse riding, I mean how do you take that. The educational system is too rigid and boxed up. Teaching mathematics with the knowledge that the students who are not on the same level intellectually and yet you call the person who does not pass a failure. It’s like bringing a fish to compete in a horse race. From an early age, children should be groomed based on their passion, just like the way athletes in foreign countries train. In my case, I played drums from an early age and I can play the drum anywhere. I started photography at the age of 25. It would have to be around 40 years before I master photography. Also, people should be educated about money. How to make fortune from their passion is very important. Teaching is something I love to do even if you won’t pay me but now I get paid doing what I love and that is amazing.

Yo! This was so much fun😂 Trust me that there’s so much from the audio interview that I left out because what lol. Thank you so much, Chike for doing this to me. Can’t wait to work on another project with you❤️

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Guys, like I said you can listen to a snippet of the audio interview. Apologies for the background noises, I’m not yet good at cleaning things up). You can also get the triple combo wallpaper – cute, cat, and Christmas ☺️🐱🎄

Deck The Cat Wallpaper - Waking Dreams Unmasked

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5 thoughts on “Thursday Talk Series |Chike Ibekwe Talks About All The Things He Likes

  1. I like to pride myself in the fact that I don’t get angrily easily or often
    But I’ve come to the realization that when someone offends me, I pretend to not care (sadly it’s become nature for me to feign) nonchalance concerning most things) and brush it off but unconsciously that anger is transformed to hurt and I stuff it deep deep down inside and cover it and slowly that hurt is piling up till one day I’ll just blow my top, which hasn’t happened yet thankfully but I don’t think there’s much room left till the hurt bar is full.🤧

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I call this the silent killer. That slow build-up of hurt will explode when you least expect it. The best thing would be never to get angry. But we know how that will turn out. Next, the best thing is to just know your triggers and try as much as possible to avoid those situations. I know that works for me most times. Thanks, Jola for sharing.

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