Morning Musings


Today, like most days I find myself awake even before the sun is up. The sky is inky black and I look out my window as if anticipating a lover. The hours before sunrise is one of my favorite times of the day. I like to wake up early in the morning so that I can spend time with myself.

I like to imagine that every morning is like a painter painting over an old canvas. I like to tell myself that I’ve gotten another day to love and be loved. I like to think about all the things I would like to do and the process I’ll have to follow to get there. Another chance to give meaning to my existence and going after the things that I want. I like to watch the window like I’m waiting for my lover to jump in and carry me off farfarfaraway.

When I hear someone say that they are not a morning person, I just cannot relate. For me, I just love to be up early, to breathe deeply, and listen to my heart thud in my chest in a quiet rhythm. Also, it makes sense to revisit yesterday with fresh eyes, accepting that the past is in the past – I’m in the present. Those things that hurt me before are all behind me, and I do not have to be shackled by them. Morning comes with its uncertainties yet I would rather run into the future than dwell in the past.

I hope today stays fresh and wonderful to you too.❤️ Have a wonderful day and a happy weekend.

Photo credit: Rigozo

I love city lights. I took this picture in the early hours of the morning after it rained.

9 thoughts on “Morning Musings

      1. But then this thing you have described reminds me of some mornings when I am not quite asleep but not quite awake! Where I hover in that space between sleep and waking, fully aware of my surroundings but perceiving everything as if in a dream. On such mornings, I experience a rare kind of introspection that fade into decisions and conclusions some of which I forget quickly and others lodging in my subconscious, tickling and prickling.

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      2. This is so true Uzi and it has happened to me on several occasions. Mind you there are several benefits of waking up early. You can utilize the time to meditate, write in your journal, drink tea/coffee while you process your thoughts, mentally prepare for your day, exercise, work on ideas, and so on.

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