The Wondering

Do you want advice 
Ask the ones who know
How to chew their words with kolanut and alligator pepper

Ask them of life
They will tell you things
For what the elders see from their bottom
The child will not from the tree's top

I speak not of the wrinkled and the bony
For grey hair, missing teeth and bent frames
Are not always keys to wisdom’s stores

Though this may seem true
More times than the fetching bucket
Returns empty from the watering well

Ask them of life’s lesssons
They will tell you slowly
Ask them again and again
For the child forgets so soon

And our land overflows with mouths
Chewing kola and alligator pepper
But where did wisdom go
Did the children stop asking or
The old stopped answering

The Womdering - A poem by Uzzi Ologe

Uzzi Ologe🏆

Uzzi Ologe is a wannabe lots of things – poet, storyteller, critic, scholar and general writer of stuff… if only he gets around to actually writing (but God will help him). He loves banga soup and eba. When he is not thinking of writing, he is watching movies or daydreaming. He is also the most boring guy on earth.

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I have made minor mistakes that have had major consequences. Whenever it happened, I felt overwhelmed by self-pity and self-doubt. However, I’ve come to realize that I need to break out of that cycle. I know now that I’m able to do so by choosing to forgive myself. And to prevent mistakes, I will try to be aware of where I am and what I’m doing at all times. That way I would be more successful and productive.

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