What Shocked The People of Back-End


The bastard walked away, a shit grin expression on his face, and with a strut that said he could not care less what we thought of him. But that was okay, because it was what all bastards did in Back-End. The town was rightly named for a place where everything went wrong.

Back End was anathema to law and order and all things righteous. It was here all the scums eventually ended up. Name a vice, and you’d find it lurking at every corner. The town was a place where the average person is either a cutthroat or something worse. Consider that a man could get murdered for a penny or less in the middle of the street. Everybody slept with a gun or three and nobody started a fight they ain’t ready to finish.

Poor Billy, God rest his wretched soul. He was one of those that people down here called ‘lost’ – the ones who were good deep down but turned wicked, because life shit on everybody anyway. Which was to say this place wasn’t for him, damn his dumb luck. To survive here, a person has got to be rotten to the core. The very air in town reeked of treachery.

Billy took Lil Wanker’s woman when he went away on yet another god-forsaken job and had her screaming for hours, so all the people in North alley bore witness to. When Lil Wanker heard what happened – it was never in doubt that he would find out – he was so mad because everybody in town knows she doesn’t scream like that for him.

Now his woman knew not to come back to him and fled town the day before Lil Wanker arrived, but Billy – stupid young lad – stayed back to fight like a man. You could say Billy had balls –  Lil Wanker cut off his balls and fed it to him after he and his crew beat him senseless.

Well, Lil Wanker did find another woman. A pretty thing with mouth like a sewer was Marie. She stayed all by herself at the old Looney’s house, moved around like she was haunting it. Marie was quick to draw a gun and a cuss for anyone who cared to have a nice time.

She invited Lil Wanker to her house one night, the rest they say is history, or so we thought. She slit his throat and stuffed his balls in it like it was thanksgiving. If you thought the town folks blinked an eye when it happened, then you weren’t paying attention.

When asked in passing why she did it, Marie said it was because she owed Billy a debt. He helped her out of a nasty scrape and ain’t no one ever done her good her entire life.

A lot of town folks suffered from indigestion when they heard it, some couldn’t’t believe it, and many haven’t recovered from the shock of having an honest person in town.

Photo credit: Rigozo

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